'Gossip Girl': Serena Rejects Blair's Plea for Help (Video)

Gossip Girl Cell Phone Screen Grab - H 2012

Gossip Girl Cell Phone Screen Grab - H 2012

Is Serena ready to move on to a new family?

In a new clip previewing next week's episode of Gossip Girl, the Upper East Sider opts not to help her BFF Blair, when she asks for some assistance for an upcoming fashion show. Her reason is simple: She wants to look out for Sage, whom she learned last week is her new boyfriend's teenage daughter.

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Is this a sign of a more responsible Serena to come? Little does she know, Sage has her own agenda, and it involves damaging Serena's reputation.

The highlight of the scene doesn't have anything to do with Serena. In a throw-off one-liner, Blair exclaims: "My back is up against the wall -- and not in a hot Chuck Bass kind of way!"

Watch the scene below:

Gossip Girl airs 9 p.m. Mondays on The CW.

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