'Gossip Girl' Will Be Revealed in Season 6 (Video)

Executive producers Stephanie Savage and Sara Goodman tease that the identity of the anonymous gossip will be a secret revealed.
Frank Ockenfels/CW

Now that we're days away from the final season of Gossip Girl, will one of the series' biggest questions be answered?

In a new video released Friday, executive producers Stephanie Savage and Sara Goodman revealed that the identity of Gossip Girl will finally be unveiled, adding that they know who the culprit is.

"For five years, that's the secret she said she'd never tell," says Goodman. "But this year, she's telling," adds Savage.


Cast members Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Penn Badgley, Michelle Trachtenberg and Chace Crawford also speculated about who they thought Gossip Girl was, and the choices range from Dorota and Jenny to Dan and Rufus. It should be noted that Upper East Sider -- and all-around troublemaker -- Georgina Sparks had -- at one point or another -- taken the reins as Gossip Girl.

Watch the video below:

Who do you think Gossip Girl is and are you glad the blogger will be unmasked?

Gossip Girl launches its final season Monday on The CW.

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