'Gotham' Adds Morena Baccarin As Leslie Thompkins

Morena Baccarin Horizontal - H 2014
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Morena Baccarin Horizontal - H 2014

Jim Gordon can rest a little bit easier, knowing that there’ll soon be one more good person in Gotham, with the news that Morena Baccarin will be joining the series as Dr. Leslie Thompkins.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the Homeland actress — better known to genre fans for her roles in Joss Whedon’s Firefly and in ABC’s V revival from a few years ago — will debut on the Fox series later this season as a recurring character, potentially becoming a series regular if the show goes to a second season.

In comic book mythology, Leslie Thompkins was a friend and co-worker of Bruce Wayne’s father who later became a confidant of Batman’s, while also working on her own to help the homeless and poor of Gotham City via a drop-in clinic frequented by criminals and the Dark Knight himself. The character was created by Dennis O’Neil and Dick Giordano for 1976’s Detective Comics No. 457, where she was established as someone who took care of Bruce Wayne after his parents’ murder.

Fox's official description of the character adds that she is "determined to use her skills to aid Gotham's most in need, which currently means working at the newly opened Arkham Asylum's Home for the Criminally Insane. In addition to her medical skills, her coolness under pressure will serve her well as she finds herself drawn close to James Gordon and into more and more dangerous waters." The character will debut in the show in 2015.

The role won’t be the first time Baccarin has entered the DC universe. Previously, she has voiced both Black Canary and Cheetah in Cartoon Network series based on DC properties (in Justice League and Batman: The Brave and The Bold, respectively) and Batman villain Talia al Ghul in this year’s direct-to-DVD animated movie Son of Batman.

The casting was initially reported by Deadline.

Philiana Ng contributed to this report.

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