'Gotham' Central: Five Questions About 'Spirit of The Goat'

This week: Bullock's shameful past and the Riddler's seasonal crush
Jessica Miglio/FOX

There was a lot of things to dig into from this week’s Gotham — not least of which the serial killer murder mystery that was the Spirit of the Goat himself. Despite the teases of a more supernatural revelation (I admit, I was wondering if the show was going to suggest that there really was a spirit possessing someone every then years, and making them wear a Batman-esque cowl), the final reveal showed that Gotham wasn’t afraid to have a play-fair mystery after all.

It was also an episode that showed that Bullock wasn’t too far away from redemption, for perhaps the first time so far — and also that he’s got more of a reason to dislike Gordon that we’d previously suspected. Even if “Spirit of The Goat” shied away from some of the more long-running themes of the series to date for an episode (Sorry, fans of inter-crime family squabbling), it was a pretty great episode — if one that still left us with some questions, of course.

What Happened to Bullock?

When we saw Bullock in flashback at the start of the episode, he was… well, he was very like Jim Gordon, not to put too fine a point on it. Was it the crippling of his partner — something that he could technically blame himself for, considering he argued against waiting for back-up — or something else that transformed him into the man he is today? Whatever the answer, seeing this glimpse of a more active, more earnest Bullock helped explain his antipathy against Gordon a little bit more: He’s not only seen it before, he’s been it before.

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What Happens When Everyone Tells Barbara To Get Out?

After weeks of doing exactly the opposite, Gordon finally promises Barbara that he’ll tell her everything — and then promptly doesn’t get the chance to do so, thanks to being arrested. Meanwhile, when Barbara confronts Montoya, asking to work together, Montoya follows Gordon’s lead by telling her to stop asking questions and stay safe. Given that almost everything we’ve seen Barbara do so far has shown that Barbara wants to get involved, how far is she going to go to get to the bottom of things? (I say again: I think Barbara’s more pro-active and arguably more morally upright than Gordon on this show — and I really, really think she’s going to end up being Batwoman or something similar.)

What Does Selina Want?

When she broke into Wayne Manor, was she really just there to steal something? I don’t buy that, and I don’t think we’re meant to — she knows more about the murder of the Waynes than anyone else (Although whether or not she really saw the killer remains open to question), and she saw that Bruce is looking into the Wayne Enterprises corruption before she stole something from his desk. What did she take, and why do I think it wasn’t entirely random?

Is Gotham Already Preparing for its Christmas Episode?

“Kristin Kringle”? Something’s going on there, even if I can’t quite put my finger on it. Why introduce someone called “Kris Kringle,” and make a point of emphasizing that to the audience? While Santa has met the Dark Knight before — well, kind of, that can’t be what’s going on here, can it…? That said, at least Nygma has a crush, which is almost sweet. We all know that it’ll end badly, however. What’re the odds that Kristin Kringle will end up being a future Harley Quinn…?

Have We Reached War Earlier Than Expected?

Oswald really does like to show up right at the end of the episode, throwing everything into chaos, doesn’t he? His appearance in the GCPD HQ might exonerate Gordon from his murder — he is, after all, not dead — but it causes trouble between Gordon and Bullock just when they’ve finally started getting along, and as the trailer for next week’s episode shows, also forces a showdown between Fish (Otherwise entirely absent this week!) and the GCPD. Whether or not this is Oswald’s plan — whether Oswald really has a plan — we don’t know, but one thing is for sure: The status quo of this show to date really doesn’t look like it’s going to stick around after next week.

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