DC TV Watch: 8 Burning Questions for 'Gotham' Season 5

GOTHAM - Ben McKenzie in the A Dark Knight No Man’s Land - Publicity-H 2018
Giovanni Rufino/FOX

Welcome back to The Hollywood Reporter's weekly DC TV Watch, a rundown of all things DC Comics on the small screen. Every Saturday, we round up the major twists, epic fights, new mysteries and anything else that goes down on The CW's Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Black Lightning, and Fox's Gotham. This week, we're breaking down all those burning questions that Gotham's season four finale raised and what that means for season five  ...

Will Bruce become Bat ... kid? | For the past four years, Gotham has redefined what it means to tease on television with young Bruce Wayne's (David Mazouz) journey towards becoming Batman. Season four, literally named "Dark Knight," which is more than a punch to the face than a wink or a nod, even saw Bruce suiting up with a black leather costume complete with cowl and face mask. And yet the series has never once uttered the name Batman. Will Bruce finally take on the Batman moniker, or even Batkid or Batteen, especially now that Ra's al Ghul (Alexander Sidding) has died and Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has summoned him for the first time using a spotlight aimed at the sky? The time is finally right for Gotham to pull the trigger on Bruce's alter ego, especially if this might be the last season of the Batman prequel series. 

Will Gotham recover? | With Jeremiah (Cameron Monaghan) turning the city of Gotham into a post-apocalyptic warzone, a cataclysmic No Man's Lan, all kinds of villains came out of the woodwork to stake claim on buildings and territories. The military evacuated the city and with the bridges all blown up, everyone left in the city is stuck on the new island with only Jim and Bruce left to defend them all. Is the city doomed, or will JIm and Bruce figure out a way to keep the darkness at bay? How much more darkness can Gotham take before crumbling for good? This twist will definitely reinvigorate the series for season five, but how much longevity does this new status quo have?

Are Lee and Nygma dead? | By the end of the finale, Lee (Morena Baccarin) and Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) had stabbed each other in a mutually assured destruction type of situation. But while their fates could be sealed, the ominous shot of Hugo Strange (BD Wong) means their time on the show isn't over just yet. But what kind of state will they be in once Strange experiments on them? The possibilities are endless for Lee, but there's no way that Gotham would kill off its Riddler before Bruce fulfills his comic book legacy as Batman, right? We need a full-fledged showdown between Batman and Riddler first!

Is Butch really dead? | In one of the best surprise twists of the series yet, Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) brutally murdered Butch (Drew Powell) right in front of Tabitha (Jessica Lucas), mere seconds after helping cure him from his Solomon Grundy fate. He spent the majority of the back half of season four helping Butch find a cure, so to find out that he had only done that so Tabitha could reunite with him and then lose him all over again was absolutely savage. It also helped remind fans that Penguin isn't someone to be trusted; he's truly the villain of the story no matter how redeemed he may seem. More of psychotic Penguin, please.

Will Tabitha seek revenge? | Reuniting with her love only to watch him get shot and murdered right in front of her eyes in the span of seconds is definitely going to change Tabitha irrevocably. But will she wallow in her grief or do something about it? Tabitha was always at her best when she was seeking revenge or getting violent just for fun; this is the perfect catalyst for her to start an all-out war with Penguin.

Will Selina recover? | By the end of the finale, Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) was in pretty questionable condition. Recovering from a gunshot wound, her diagnosis was grim; since the bullet severed her spinal cord, she might never walk again. This is a huge blow to the woman who is supposed to become Catwoman. Her mobility is everything. How is she supposed to scale buildings and prowl rooftops and fire escapes if she's bound to a wheelchair? How will her immobility affect her mentally and emotionally? Will Bruce help her recover, or is their blossoming relationship doomed for good?

What kind of villains will emerge? | The season four finale already saw some returning fan-favorite villains stake their claims on territory in the city after it turned into a battleground. Teases of Man-Bat, Orphan and Mother in the finale promise the introduction of new characters from the comics appearing in season five. But what other Batman villains will show up this season?

New world order | The most exciting (and prescient) moment in the season four finale came when Barbara (Erin Richards) decided that “everything that is wrong with Gotham, all the greed, the pain, the corruption, the destruction, it can all be traced back to one problem: men!" Declaring the Sirens club a man-free zone, she murdered all of Ra's' male henchmen and strung them up as a warning. If Gotham falls, Stabby Babs is ready to take over. Make this a reality, stat.

Gotham returns for season five midseason on Fox.