'Graceland's' Vanessa Ferlito on Charlie's Surprising Move: "She's Really Scared"

Graceland Episode 301 Still - P 2015
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Graceland Episode 301 Still - P 2015

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's episode of Graceland, "Chester Cheeto."]

Another resident is moving into Graceland. Well, about six months from now. On Thursday's episode of the USA drama, Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) went to a clinic to abort her baby with Briggs (Daniel Sunjata). However, she changed her mind about the procedure at the last minute – a fact she decided to keep to herself.

So how exactly does one have a baby while living in a house full of undercover agents? Why did Charlie change her mind? And will Amber's return mean for Charlie?THR spoke with Ferlito about all those burning questions and more.

What is it that makes Charlie change her mind about keeping the baby?

She doesn't want to abort the baby. In a perfect world, Briggs would come to her and say, "I'm by your side. Let's do this. I support you." He never really says that to her. He kind of throws her under the bus. His way of showing her that he cares is telling her that if she continues on this case that he's going to basically tell her boss. … In a perfect world, I feel like Charlie wants to keep the baby and wants a family, but she's so torn. Then obviously you go in to have an abortion and I guess she got spooked. She doesn’t want to get rid of her baby. I think she's really scared.

In an interview at the end of season two, creator Jeff Eastin made it sound like there was it was strong possibility for Charlie to lose the baby. Was that a discussion you ever had? Or did you always believe she was going to keep it?

We went back and forth. At the end of last season, they were thinking that I would lose the baby after the beating, but then last minute, it changed and I was like, "Wow." I was actually shocked. … They were playing around with it and they unsure whether I would lose it or keep it.

Why do you think that was the right creative decision to have her keep it?

Because that's not what people expected; people expected me to lose it after that beating. He beat the shit out of me. … The fact that I'm still pregnant, viewers are like, "Wait, how are they going to carry this storyline out, and keep Charlie Charlie? Where is she going to go? Wait, is she going to move out of the house? What happens now?" Fortunately we have great writers and you'll see what happens.

Was that a concern that crossed your mind about how a baby would change the baby creatively?

Obviously there can't be a baby in Graceland but who knows? But maybe it's six months down the line and they get a place outside of Graceland. Who knows? But I was happy that my character was still pregnant.

see where we take it," creator Jeff Eastin tells THR."]

Knowing that she's carrying this child, how does that affect her going into the field?

Charlie thinks she's invincible at this point. She got through that beating and she's like, what could happen now? She's a perfectionist a little bit, and not only that, but she's so diligent. Her job is her No. 1 priority whereas her baby should be her No. 1 priority right now. I don't know if it's hit her yet that she's having the baby. It's so early on. Any other normal job you can work up until you're nine months pregnant and she's just not ready. But she doesn't want to give up the baby either. She doesn’t want to work behind a desk. She's not ready for that yet…. And now Amber comes back.

What can you say about the dynamic between Charlie and Amber going forward?

It's a sad relationship. Charlie actually really likes Amber. This season, they show a side of Charlie and Amber where Charlie is totally vulnerable. She's in a bad position and she's torn and Amber is there. Things don't go the way Charlie hoped, and now she has to make a decision. Amber is there for something very tragic. But then Charlie has to make a decision that has to do with Amber's future, her life. Charlie feels terrible. She always has to do the right thing. … Amber's fate is in Charlie's hands and that's a lot of pressure on Charlie.

What can you say about the dynamic in the house going forward, given what Charlie is going through and also what Mike has been through?

The house was broken in season two. I think we're on the mend. We're working things out and I like that. That's what makes the show special – the relationships within Graceland.

Graceland airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on USA.