'Greatest Event in Television History': Adam Scott Tackles 'Too Close for Comfort' (Video)

The fourth installment will premiere Jan. 23, 2014, on Adult Swim.
Comedy Central

Adam Scott's latest installment in his The Greatest Event in Television History series debuted on Adult Swim late Thursday evening with an all-star cast tackling the opening credits of 1980s sitcom Too Close for Comfort.

Scott recruited Jon Glaser, Catherine O'Hara, Chelsea Peretti and Kathryn Hahn to help re-create the throwback -- complete with couch flip!

"Because of this re-creation, Hollywood producers immediately cast Catherine O'Hara and Kathryn Hahn in the latest Star Wars film!" host Jeff Probst announced. "I'm sorry ... that's ridiculous ... that didn't happen."

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Previous episodes featured Scott and Jon Hamm re-creating Simon and Simon (October 2012) and Scott and Amy Poehler doing Hart to Hart (June 2013).

Adult Swim also announced the fourth installment of The Greatest Event in Television History, which is slated for Jan. 23, 2014. What's the next classic TV show Scott will take on?

Watch the "redo," which begins at the 15:49 mark, below.

Here are the original opening credits.