'Grey's Anatomy': Who's Kissing Whom in the Alt Universe? (Exclusive Video)

On Thursday, Grey's Anatomy will venture to an alternate universe where Meredith is perky, Alex is preppy and something seems off about Callie's marriage to Owen.

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In a clip exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, Alex and Meredith share a smooch but the newly engaged couple aren't the only ones locking lips: Callie and Owen -- in this world, married and parents to three children -- share a very awkward kiss as an ostracized Cristina looks on.

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"They're two people who have no business being together," showrunner Shonda Rhimes told THR about Callie and Owen. "He's pining for somebody else [and] she's having all these unexplained feelings for Arizona because [Callie] is the heart surgeon so she never had her first experience with a woman."

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Meanwhile, Jessica Capshaw tells THR that Callie is committed to the marriage and being a mother to three children. "Idefinitely feel like the difference in this is exploring the working mother facet of being a full-blown, kick-ass surgeon and being married to someone else who’s a doctor and then having three children and being a working mother," she says.

Grey's Anatomy's alt universe episode airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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