'Grey's Anatomy's' Caterina Scorsone on Amelia's Big Proclamation and the Bumps Ahead

The actress talks with THR about Amelia's fears in her budding relationship with Owen as well as being her brother's boss.
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Caterina Scorsone, left, and Patrick Dempsey on 'Grey's Anatomy'

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's "When I Grow Up" episode of Grey's Anatomy.]

She said it.

After giving in to their undeniable attraction, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) shared how she felt for Owen (Kevin McKidd) with her brother, Derek (Patrick Dempsey): that she's falling in love with him — and she's terrified that she's going to screw it up and it will destroy her.

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It came after an episode that saw Amelia bond with Derek, who returned home from Washington and adjust to a role working for his kid sister. While the duo settled into their new professional roles, their personal relationship was on full display. Derek was there to support Amelia after her fears about losing Owen surfaced, due to a shooting case that triggered memories of watching her father be brutally gunned down.

Here, Scorsone talks with The Hollywood Reporter about what's next for Owen and Amelia — and how Meredith might respond to news that her sister-in-law is falling for her best friend's ex.

Why is Owen right for Amelia? 

So far, there are a lot of reasons. I don't know Shonda's plan in the long term, but so far what she's been leading for them is a beautiful relationship with a very profound foundation. She's allowed both of these tortured, wounded and scarred people to find in one another a safe, quiet place to be as broken as they are. In a world and work environment where so much stock is put in efficiency and being useful and an economically viable member of our society, having any evidence of damage or pain or brokenness is a liability — both at work and in terms of our identity. Finding someone who quietly understands and accepts that life sometimes leaves a mark is really valuable on a soul level — either in a friend, lover or partner. Having a relationship(s) in your life that acknowledge and affirm that is really viable and they've found that in one another. And there's crazy attraction, which is a bonus! (Laughing.)

Now that Derek is back at the hospital, how will Amelia lean on him — and what will their working relationship look like now that she's his boss?

She'll be as easy as him as he's ever been on her! (Laughing.) She's of two minds about having Derek come back. She definitely wants to stake her claim. She's been burned by him in the past and wants to establish that she's in a position of dominance in the workplace. She's the head of the neuro department and does not want to be challenged in that capacity. At the same time, she loves him more than anyone else in her life. He was with her in her darkest moments and he shares her passion for neuro surgery, which is a pretty rare passion to have. He understands the intricacies of the thing that she loves the most in terms of activities in her life. They're almost of twin minds in some ways. So as much as there's tension and rivalry, ultimately, he's the closest person she's ever had.

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How will Derek support Amelia after she professes that she is falling in love with Owen — and is terrified she'll screw it up?

One of the things that's nice about their relationship in this episode is that it starts out showcasing that sibling rivalry relationship, but then when they're out of the hospital, they do have this heart-to-heart talk. Ultimately, he's her big brother and is there for her like a big brother would be. That conversation that they have — Amelia reveals really vulnerable feelings about Owen, but it's in a moment where Derek has also brought up the root of a lot of her vulnerability, which is the murder of their dad that they both witnessed together. With the shooter coming to the hospital, that does kick up a lot of feelings for Amelia. You see it during the medical case she's working on, and she does have a bit of a weird emotional reaction about what's going on. Derek checks in with her about how she's doing and if she's been triggered about their dad, and that's the same conversation where she then goes on to reveal how she's feeling about Owen and how scary it is for her to feel that kind of love after losing so many people.

How might Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) respond to learning that her sister-in-law is falling in love with her best friend's ex?

Meredith definitely has some strong feelings about Amelia and Owen's relationship. Amelia really didn't know much about Cristina. She may have met her in passing, but she didn't know much about the relationship between Owen and Cristina and how significant that was. Amelia came to Seattle when Cristina was leaving so she missed out on a lot of that backstory. But Meredith has some very strong feelings about this relationship and Amelia is in this pink cloud of new love or new affection.

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