'Grey's Anatomy': Are Alex and Jo Meant for Each Other?

Justin Chambers and Camilla Luddington talk with THR about whether the couple has what it takes to last.
"Grey's Anatomy's" Camilla Luddington, left, and Justin Chambers

On ABC's Grey's Anatomy, Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jo (Camilla Luddington) realized just how similar their upbringings were, each overcoming abandonment issues before ultimately coming together as a couple.

During the medical drama's recent midseason finale, Alex -- after seemingly making peace with his father, Jimmy (James Remar) -- leans on Jo and says they are the only family they'll ever need. It marked the first time that Alex had really ever opened up and let someone in and looked to the future.

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"Sometimes it's not about opposites attracting; sometimes you need to be cut from the same cloth to move forward," Chambers told The Hollywood Reporter. "I think that they understand each other really well, and she adds an excitement to him, a spark."

While Jo pushed hard for Alex to make amends with his father -- going so far as to risk her relationship when she pushed Alex closer to his dear old dad -- Chambers says the best thing about the pairing is that they don't try to change each other.

"She's his voice of reason," Chambers says of how Jo has stood by him after his estranged junkie father resurfaced. "She's trying to save him; she gives him advice and is there for him to play devil's advocate on what he needs to think about."

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For her part, Luddington agrees that the couple is, as they say in Shondaland, MFEO.

"In the past, Alex has felt the need to change for people, and I think Jo has felt this too -- the need to change for other people," she says. "They are perfect for each other already. There is nothing Alex has to do to change for Jo. She sees all of his imperfections and vice versa. I remember a producer telling me that they wanted to see what it would be like for Alex to meet Alex, and I think that is what has happened. I think they are totally perfect for each other. Totally not perfect people but perfect together."

Do you think Alex and Jo have what it takes to make it? Hit the comments with your thoughts. Grey's Anatomy returns Feb. 27 on ABC.

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