'Grey's Anatomy': Can Cristina and Meredith Save Their Marriages?

Sandra Oh Kevin McKidd Ellen Pompeo Patrick Dempsey - H 2011
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Sandra Oh Kevin McKidd Ellen Pompeo Patrick Dempsey - H 2011

Owen (Kevin McKidd) taking Cristina (Sandra Oh) for an abortion won’t be the end of the couple’s problems on Grey’s Anatomy but only the beginning, executive producer Betsy Beers warns.

The couple traditionally has had their fair share of issues – where they were going to live, their views on children – but Cristina’s abortion won’t erase the problems that have cropped up for the couple.

“Their relationship is definitely in transition and [how the abortion impacts them is] going to be a focus,” Beers tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Beers notes that the abortion, which Cristina decided without consulting Owen, will bring into focus the other problems that exist between the couple.

“How they agree, how they disagree, what works, what doesn’t work: [the abortion is] more a manifestation of those issues,” she says. “There have always been ongoing things between Cristina and Owen, clearly this is another one. But this is one more thing that’s contributing to can Cristina and Owen keep it going.”

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Meanwhile, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) are going through their own version of hell after Meredith’s baby-napping adventures costs the couple Zola.

“Where we left last week is pretty heavy,” Beers says, noting that the couple weren’t yet on firm ground in the wake of Meredith’s tampering with Derek’s Alzheimer’s trial.

“What’s going to be incredible to watch with them is once again, can they get over these things that keep raising their heads: Meredith’s desperate need to do what she thinks is right despite the repercussions and Derek always wanting to be able to trust,” Beers says. “That’s hard for him and that’s the meat of their relationship.”

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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