'Grey's Anatomy' Season 12 Finale to Feature Owen-Amelia Wedding

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the May 12 episode of Grey's Anatomy.]

Well, that escalated quickly.

A few episodes after Grey's Anatomy's Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) agreed to fully commit to a romantic relationship — despite their on-again, off-again history — the newly reunited couple appear to really mean it.

Thursday's episode ended with a big cliffhanger when Amelia, impressed that Owen moved out of his trailer in the woods and bought a house, asked him to marry her. And now THR can reveal that Grey's Anatomy's May 19 season finale will feature a wedding between Owen and Amelia. 

Amelia's proposal capped an episode in which the happy couple had their affection for one another on full display during a surgery in which they seemingly agree to get married and have kids.

"Owen finally moves out of the trailer in the woods and buys an actual adult and proper house, and he wants Amelia to help furnish it with him," star McKidd tells THR. "They take steps toward real commitment, and they're both scared, and eventually Amelia pops the question and asks Owen to marry her and he says yes. That's what leads us into the [season] finale. It was a very intense day in the hospital, and there's a loss of life that hits Amelia quite hard, and she has a lightbulb moment and wonders what they're waiting for. She knows this is it. They struggled and fought to get back together and double down on their relationship. She knows life is short and wants to get married now."

The penultimate episode of the season also saw Meredith act out of jealousy that her former sister-in-law is moving forward and finding happiness personally and professionally now that she's landing all of Derek's surgeries. (More on that here from star Ellen Pompeo.)

"[The proposal] creates some problems for Meredith, who still feels she's Cristina's [Sandra Oh] emotional guardian with Owen," McKidd warns. "Meredith has some issues with Amelia, and that creates some problems on their wedding day." 

Owen's grand gesture may also be a nod to Meredith and the way in which she committed to a future with Derek (Patrick Dempsey) by outlining the plans for what would become the couple's dream house in candles back in season four.

"It's very much the same inspiration that sparked Derek to build the plan for the Dream House and plant a stake in the ground that this is where we will build our life," McKidd says. "And Amelia is touched and excited by Owen's home ownership, which gives her the confidence to ask Owen to marry her."

While this won't be Owen's first trip to the altar, McKidd hopes Owen will do his due diligence that he didn't with Cristina.

"I hope he asks her the question about kids before they put rings on their fingers — just to make sure, because he didn't quite square that away with Cristina," McKidd says. "He should have had the, 'Do you want to have kids or not' talk before they got married. So I'm hoping he does that so he doesn't make that mistake again!"

As for what to expect from the season 12 finale, McKidd warned that the episode would, in typical Shonda Rhimes fashion, have a few twists, turns and surprises.

"Amelia is a rabbit in headlights and eventually makes a decision after a really great turn in the story where she decides what she wants," he says.

Watch a promo for the season finale above.

The Grey's Anatomy season finale airs May 19 at 8 p.m.