'Grey's Anatomy': Is Martin Henderson the New McDoctor? (Exclusive Video)

There's a new doctor checking into Grey Sloan Memorial, but not everyone on staff is happy about it.

During last week's episode of ABC's Grey's Anatomy, Martin Henderson (The Red Road, ShondaLand's Off the Map) arrived as Dr. Nathan Riggs, a cardiothoracic surgeon who worked with April during her last overseas tour. When he arrived at the hospital, it was under special circumstances and for one specific case. But, in a clip from Thursday's "Something Against You" episode, the new McDoctor seems to be checking in permanently, and it isn't sitting well with Owen (Kevin McKidd).

In the clip above, exclusive to THR, Owen lashes out at Bailey (Chandra Wilson) for hiring someone he calls "a complete stranger."

Clearly, the duo have some bad blood. While a calm and cool Bailey offers to talk it out with Owen, he instead turns to Riggs — who admits that the duo "go back a bit" — and says, "What's done is done, right?"

Henderson joined Grey's in June as a series regular. The gig reunites Henderson with his former Off the Map co-star Jason George (Ben), who also was promoted to series regular for season 12.

Will Riggs be able to stick around to become the hospital's newest McDoctor? What do you think happened between him and Owen? Leave your McNickname suggestions in the comments section, below.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.