'Grey's Anatomy': Kevin McKidd Weighs In on if Owen and Amelia Can be Saved

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[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Grey's Anatomy's season 13 midseason finale, "You Haven't Done Nothin'."]

ABC's Grey's Anatomy ended its 2016 episodes with a midseason finale Thursday that left the fate of several characters up in the air.

The reveals included Jo (Camilla Luddington) telling Alex (Justin Chambers) the truth about her marriage and abusive husband; Alex potentially taking a plea deal; Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) agreeing to go on a date with Eliza Minnick (Marika Dominczyk); and the hospital banding together to fight for Webber (James Pickens Jr.). Perhaps the most heartbreaking moment of the episode came when Owen (Kevin McKidd) returned home to find a note from his new wife Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) that she had left him.

It's a brutal blow for one of the show's most beloved characters, with Owen's long desire to be a father among Grey's Anatomy's most precious of storylines. And it's a brutal blow for the characters who before they married, were on the same page about starting a family.

THR caught up with McKidd to talk about Owen and Amelia's marriage, how good-guy Owen could respond to Amelia's demons, if his presumed sister Megan is still alive and what's next now that Riggs (Martin Henderson) is back in his good graces.

Owen comes home to a note and it seems like Amelia is leaving him. What's going on there?

At least it wasn't a text or a Snapchat; that would have been worse! But it sucks and it's not easy for him. It's his worst nightmare come true. He went through all that with Cristina (Sandra Oh) and she convinced him eventually that she just didn't want to have kids ever. So Owen was on the search for somebody who would. He felt that he and Amelia had that conversation and were on the same page. But he also knows and is empathetic that Amelia has a very dark past that is going to be a challenge. I don't think he ever expected that it would be this massive U-turn about things and that she potentially might not want to have kids ever. That's a really core thing for Owen; we've always seen him pine and yearn for and wish to be a father, have a child and raise a family. I feel bad for Owen, I feel bad for Amelia that she's in so much pain that this is the only course of action she felt she could take. It points toward a definite issue in their relationship. I don't know if they can make it back from it. I hope so.

How is Owen feeling in that moment?

Owen will give her space like she asked for, but only until he runs out of patience and is desperate to find her and talk to her and try and draw her out. Even on his wedding day to Amelia, she almost ran away from him. There's only so many times somebody can keep going away before the person that gets pulled away from goes, "Wait a minute, maybe I should be reading the writing on the wall here." Owen is going to get to that place at some point where the longer she's away and won't communicate with him, eventually he's going to question what he's doing here and maybe this person at their core just fundamentally doesn't want to be with him. It's very heartbreaking for Owen to even consider that option.

Riggs points out that Owen isn't the same person he was after he cheated on Cristina following her abortion. How will we see Owen respond this time?

I imagine he's going to make one last big overture to her to win Amelia back. But we haven't shot those scenes yet. And if that isn't met with something positive from Amelia, Owen would be an idiot to think that their marriage is salvageable. They're at that deal-breaker point. For somebody to walk out, it shows there's a huge issue in the relationship — and one that potentially isn't healable or fixable. They both love each other and that's what makes it all so tragic. I imagine he will bury himself in a big pile of work to try and block out what's happening. But the problem with that is if Owen works too much and doesn't sleep enough and gets his body under stress, those are the circumstances where his PTSD could come back because it's all right there under the surface. He manages it well, but there's only so much stress he can take before those things can come back and flare up again, which again would make the situation only worse. But I'm hoping that Amelia will be able to heal and be able to move forward. Her fear is driving her and I'll be very sad if it doesn't work out because they do love each other. But sometimes in relationships, love isn't enough.

A few people thought they were rushing into this marriage — Amelia even freaked out that they didn't know one another very well. Do you think if Owen had known Amelia's past and that she didn't want children that he would have married her?

That is what is really sad about this situation: they did have that conversation, and they affirmed to each other that they were going to commit to having children. But the pregnancy test and the negative result, it shocked Amelia just as much as it's shocking Owen. People sometimes intellectualize the direction they want their life to go but then sometimes when there's a defining thing that happens — in this case, the negative result of the pregnancy test — it unearths what your actual soul really wants, craves or is scared of. It came as a huge shock for Amelia that her spontaneous reaction was one of relief that she was not actually with child. Which must be traumatic for her, too, to think that she knew where she was headed and what she wanted but that may be completely different. I don't think she concealed anything from Owen, but sometimes the truth takes a while to come out.

How will we see Owen and Amelia interact at the hospital?

She's missing in action for a few episodes and Owen gets more concerned and distracted by that. Eventually, he goes to try and confront her. Whether she will meet him halfway or not will be interesting to find out. I imagine when Owen finally gets to be with her, he will say, "What are we doing here?" It's really hard. I feel sad for Owen. My concern is that Amelia's demons and the darkness of what's happened to her might just be insurmountable, which is tragic.

Last week, viewers finally saw Owen's sister and Nathan's wife, Megan (Bridget Regan), in flashbacks. Is she alive?

If I had a vote, which I don't, I would definitely vote for her to come back because it would add such a great, interesting twist to the Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Nathan situation. One of the things we've seen with Owen since he started on the show is that he has a guilt complex. He beats himself up and blames himself for things over and over again. He blames himself for the plane crash, even though technically, it really wasn't his fault. He takes on a lot of guilt, and his core as a man is connected to the disappearance of his sister. So if that suddenly disappears and she's alive, it's going to really crack open and change who Owen is because he's built his life around this core guilt and feeling of responsibility for the loss of his sister. It'd be really fascinating to reintroduce her; I don't think it will happen anytime soon, but I would love it if we did.

Owen and Riggs seem to have their friendship back on track. Owen doesn't let Riggs put him on a pedestal and confesses that he, too, had cheated on his wife in the past. Will Owen lean on Riggs given everything with Amelia or will we see him continue to be this silent, guilt-ridden guy?

I hope so. To have that conversation was deeply healing for Nathan, but it was deeply healing for Owen, too. That conversation really moved the needle on the Owen and Nathan relationship because that's the first time they have felt that deep brotherly love that they had for each other and that that could still be there buried under all of this anger and resentment. We're starting to see the Owen and Nathan relationship begin to slowly rebuild. I think Owen will start to confide in him and it's a beautiful thing to watch that happen because it's a good message to send out there into the world that even with terrible things that can happen between people, if there's forgiveness and if there's an intention for the deconstruction of that resentment, beautiful things can happen. I do think we're going to see less of the silent, brooding, having the weight of the world squarely on his shoulders Owen. He's finally going to have somebody he can share that with in a very male sense. It's a really healthy for him to have that deep friendship.

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