'Grey's Anatomy' Postmortem: Camilla Luddington on Jo's Bruised Pride

Grey's Anatomy Luddington Chambers with Davis Inset- H 2013

Grey's Anatomy Luddington Chambers with Davis Inset- H 2013

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's "Do You Believe in Magic" episode of Grey's Anatomy.]

After she seemed to have found Mr. Right, Jo received a brutal wake-up call during Thursday's Grey's Anatomy.

As Alex (Justin Chambers) continues to avoid her, Jo makes an attempt to mend their relationship -- but it's to no avail when he pushes the woman who may truly be his "person" away, thinking she's only making the effort in order to have a functional workplace relationship with him.

All that changes, however, when in the closing moments of the episode Alex observes Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Jason (Charles Michael Davis) having a loud confrontation and arrives home to find Jo -- complete with a split lip and black eye -- seeing shelter for the night.

So what happened between Jo and Peckwell? How will Jo lean on Alex? Is she really his "person"? The Hollywood Reporter turned to Luddington to get the scoop on what's next in the two remaining episodes of season nine.

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THR: Will Alex kick "Chest Peckwell's" butt for what he presumably did to Jo?
Camilla Luddington: Alex instantly feels protective of Jo. He's obviously horrified by the situation and as much as she'd like him to stay home with her all night, that doesn't happen. This is Alex we are talking about after all, and for better or worse, he does what he thinks is necessary in the moment.

THR: What will surprise us about what happened between Jo and Jason?
Luddington: Hearing Jo talk about their relationship -- it's shocking how toxic the situation got between them. She was trying to make something work that never would, and she desperately wanted to talk to Alex about what went on behind the scenes but him divulging private past information about her to Jason, even mistakenly, was extremely hurtful. She felt alone in dealing with Jason. 

THR: Jason on the surface seemed like an upstanding guy. What will her next interaction with him look like? Could we see her want to press charges?
Luddington: "Upstanding" seems very generous. Between his "nailing" Jo in the bathroom comment to general cockiness there have been hints that he's not a good guy. And yes, there's definitely a conversation that takes place over pressing charges. 

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THR: Alex has clearly been struggling with his feelings for Jo, how will we see him support her going forward?
Luddington: Regardless of the past fights they've had, he is the closest person to her. He goes above and beyond for her and it's shocking to her. She's never felt someone do that for her before and his ultimate support speaks volumes. I think it shows how deeply his feelings for her have gotten. 

THR: How will this change Jo and Alex's relationship going forward?
Luddington: They find they are more similar then they ever realized. I think these are two people that really get each other's "dark" moments. And there have been some dark moments for her. He allows her to be vulnerable when she normally carefully controls what she exposes about herself, and she allows him -- no judgment -- to be exactly who he is. 

THR: We've seen Alex searching for his "person" for nine seasons and take care of a fair share of damaged women (Ava, Izzie, among others). How will this time be different?
Luddington: I think there's an element of them both needing to be taken care of. But Jo is fiercely loyal to Alex. Yes, she can have moments when she gets feisty and wants him to "never talk to her again," but she's finding her footing in how to navigate, for the first time, a really trusting relationship. He may go above and beyond for her, but Jo would also do anything for him. She wouldn't abandon him. 

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THR: We've heard about the super storm coming in the final two episodes. How will that impact Alex and Jo?
Luddington: They're thrown into further crisis mode together. All bets are off! 

THR: Do you think Jo is Alex's person?
Luddington: I think your "person" would never leave you. I think they couldn't walk away from you because it would be hard to breathe without you. I don't think they have to be "perfect" by any means, I think they just have to fit for you. If that's Jo for Karev then he needs to tell her.

THR: What can you say about how the season ends for Alex and Jo?
Luddington: I read the scenes over and over to make sense of them. That just when I thought I knew where things were headed, I was thrown for a loop. I don't think it'll go exactly the way people expect. 

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