'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Love's Divide?

Arizona fears for the worst after a drunken night at the gala, while Jo and Alex clash over his father, and Cristina and Meredith feud over the mother of two's ability to juggle her personal and professional demands.
"Grey's Anatomy's" Tessa Ferrer, left, Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the "I Bet It Stung" episode of Grey's Anatomy.]

Meredith returned to work on Thursday's episode of ABC's Grey's Anatomy, but the mother of two found that juggling a demanding career and young children isn't easy when your husband has a position that's just as pressing.

Meanwhile, Arizona and Leah rang the potential new couple alert as Callie learned it was finally time to put herself first and reclaim her life. Here's a look at how everyone fared during "I Bet It Stung."

Alex and Jimmy
Alex (Justin Chambers), worried that he'll resort to fighting with his father Jimmy (James Remar), reveals he took his mother's last name, and still refuses to speak with him. Jo (Camilla Luddington), meanwhile, pushes Jimmy to check into recovery. After Jo successfully gets Jimmy into rehab, he reveals he doesn't want to let her down -- just like he did with his family. In the closing moments, Jimmy fails to recognize Alex, who seemed poised to break the silence with his father. 

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Arizona, Leah, and Callie
Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), who got hammered at the hospital after the gala, thinks she slept with Leah (Tessa Ferrer). After noting that she won't tell anyone about "the other night," Leah attempts to take Arizona up on her offer to join one of her surgeries. Leah instead is asked (politely) to leave because it's too crowded in the OR. Arizona and Callie, meanwhile, are still on the outs. For her part, Callie jokes that she's rebounding with Derek and Meredith. "I rebounded to the McDreamys," she says to Owen in one of the episode's best moments. At the end of the hour, Callie tells Arizona she needs her place back and that Arizona needs to move out as she has to start taking care of herself. "I need my life back. I need me back," Callie says, noting that she's having an intern pack up Arizona's belongings. Leah overhears the entire conversation at the bar and offers to have Arizona stay at her place. Turns out Leah helped a drunken Arizona inside her apartment after the gala, and they shared a dance party and grilled cheese, while watching films of Derek to prep for the surgery the intern was booted out of. "It was the first time I felt like I had someone around here who got me," Leah explains to a clueless Arizona, who had assumed they slept together. After setting the record straight, Leah flirts with Arizona, going back to a compliment the separated doc just handed out. "Let's go back to the part where you said I was pretty," Leah tells her. Callie winds up taking advantage of her newly empty house for a one-woman dance party, as she enjoys being back at home. It's a long overdue (and great) moment for Callie. 

Owen, meanwhile, is rebounding, too, with the doc he met at the gala, Emma, who is behaving in a very un-Cristina-like fashion and baking bread for him.

Meredith and Cristina
Meredith is back at work, but quickly finds that Cristina -- and Shane -- both seem to think that she can't juggle her career with being a mother of two. Almost immediately, she discovers that she has childcare issues and a case of bad timing when she needs to go pump in the middle of a moment with Cris. Mer's bad timing continues after Zola cuts her head and needs stitches, which forces Cris to bump her off her big surgery, thus opening the door for the BFFs to begin their potential separation as star Sandra Oh prepares to exit the long-running drama. The sting is much more brutal for Meredith, who left Zola with Alex and a nurse in a move she feared was something her mother would have done. "You have different priorities now," Cris says, noting she doesn't do research, and is logging fewer hours in her effort to be a good mom. "Bailey never let up, she lives here; Callie never let up; Ellis Grey never let up; and I know you don't want to be your mother. I'm saying you and I started running down the same road at the same time and at a certain point, you let up, you slowed down … but don't pretend [your priorities] don't affect your skills. You are a very good surgeon, but we're in different places now -- and that's OK." Mer takes out her frustrations with Derek, clashing with her husband about not being there, as she claims that she's being forced to pick between being a good mother and a good surgeon.

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Jackson and Stephanie
The Chief (James Pickens Jr.) is recovering quickly with Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) around to see his progression. She tells him that everyone is coddling him and, at that rate, his recovery will take forever. Meanwhile, Mama Avery meets her son's new girlfriend, Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton), in the worst way possible: walking in on her with Jackson in the on-call room. Stephanie and Catherine continue to clash as Mama Avery believes the intern is beneath her son, though the latter winds up coming around after the intern finally stands up for herself.

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