'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: To Love and Let Go

Alex and Jo take a big first step, Webber and Meredith hit a turning point, and Owen and Cristina begin to move on.
"Grey's Anatomy"

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's "Everybody's Crying Mercy" episode of Grey's Anatomy.]

Alex and Jo (finally!) took a big step forward in their blossoming relationship during Thursday's Grey's Anatomy.

During the hour, Callie and Arizona also took the first steps toward repairing their broken marriage, while Meredith and Derek adjusted to being sleep-deprived parents to a newborn still juggling the demands that come with being co-owners of a hospital.

For Cristina and Owen, meanwhile, the former couple struggled to find the boundaries for their new relationship. Here's a look at the big events of the hour.

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Alex and Jo
The new couple is still searching for a time and place to have sex. "This girl is not a nobody… When I think about her, I just want it to be the right time," Alex tells Cristina, who has taken to poking fun at him as she looks for a bright light amid her struggles with Owen. "You have the right person at the right time," Cris tells Alex. "Stop being scared." Alex and Jo wind up seizing the day when they finally get the house to themselves.

Cristina and Owen
Cristina and Owen are still navigating their new non-sexual relationship. "Let's date other people," Cristina tells her ex-husband. "Just tell me you'll try," Cristina tells Owen as he walks away, defeated. "I'll try," he replies. And so begins what so far is shaping up to be a heartbreaking journey for the duo in Sandra Oh's final season.

Meredith and Webber
Between sleepless banter with Derek, Meredith feels as if she's abandoned Richard and opts to head to the hospital to help Shane treat her father figure. Bailey, however, continues to disagree with Shane's (read, Meredith's) treatment plan. Instead, Shane spots Webber's apparent death wish and stands up to the chief, vowing not to let another one of the hospital's staffers die. (RIP, Mousey.) When Mer finally has her moment with Webber, he blasts her for saving his life. "I didn't call you my family. I'm not your father. I chose you because I thought you could put emotions out of it and make the right call," he says from his hospital bed. "Bailey was too weak, but I thought I could trust you not to let them operate on me when I was all but dead. Not to bring me back to life. Where I have to get my meals from a tube. I thought you wouldn't be sentimental. I was wrong. I chose the wrong person." Ouch.

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Arizona and Callie
After Callie spares a patient's husband from learning of his late wife's infidelity, Callie finally has a calm moment with Arizona and tells her wife that she would have rather not found out about her affair. "I've been wishing you hadn't told me and that we could go back to our lives, to being happy. Except we weren't happy -- at least you weren't," Callie says, revealing that she doesn't think what Arizona did was a mistake and that her wife should go to counseling solo. "I'm not going into that room. But I think you should. I think you need to." Arizona instead begs Callie to talk about what happened, but the latter holds firm to her belief that Arizona needs counseling solo. It's the beginning of Arizona facing the emotional damage left over from the plane crash.

Jackson and Owen
Jackson and Owen clash over the hospital's priorities. After nearly losing a pro-bono surgery, Owen reaffirms that Jackson and the board need to meet in order to get the hospital back on track financially to repair the damage caused by the superstorm. 

April finds out that she (finally!) passed the boards -- but instead of celebrating by hugging Jackson, he backs off and the two share the most awkward high-five ever.

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