'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Owen Snaps and Everyone Cries

Grey's Anatomy Kevin McKidd - H 2012

Grey's Anatomy Kevin McKidd - H 2012

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's "Hope for the Hopeless" episode of Grey's Anatomy.]

Is there hope for Cristina and Owen? After months of suppressing their issues, Owen finally snaps when Teddy and Cristina fail to respect his authority, while Meredith steps in to save Webber's 10,000th surgery.

Thursday's "Hope for the Hopeless" revealed that there's hope for Mark when it comes to growing up in his romantic relationships, hope for Meredith as a mother and hope for Alex, Lexie and Jackson to live a life outside of Casa de Grey.

Here are eight things we learned from Thursday's Grey's Anatomy.

1. Mark won't say I love you to Julia. After endless prodding from Callie and Arizona, Mark shows some growth when it comes to maintaining a healthy adult relationship when he says he doesn't want to repeat the mistakes of his past and rush into this relationship -- which includes not returning the sentiment after three months together. After he notes the error of his ways in nearly forcing Lexie to be a grandmother, it just makes you want those two back together again, doesn't it?

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2. The Chief can sing -- and so can Adele. Webber's 10,000th surgery is interrupted when Adele, whose memory continues to succumb to the affects of Alzheimer's, wanders into Seattle Grace. In a heartbreaking scene, she discovers what used to be Richard's office and sobs, thinking he left her for Ellis. She later mistakes Meredith for her late mother when April takes her to the gallery to see him. Thanks to Meredith's suggestion, he helps calm her by sharing the memory of their Valentine's Day wedding and the couple shares a sweet duet that brings tears to everyone's eyes.

3. Meredith turns into a mother before our eyes. When the bickering sisters who are the subject of Webber's milestone surgery won't pipe down, Meredith steps in and showcases just what kind of mother she's going to be when she gets the duo to (thankfully) knock it off. Later, at Zola's birthday party, she turns her daughter's cake into a congratulatory one for Richard.

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4. Meredith is the only fifth-year who hasn't declared a specialty. Owen, Cristina and Bailey encourage her to follow her mother's legacy for general surgery, while Jackson, speaking from his own experience that a legacy is a hard thing to live up to, encourages her to go the other way. Meredith later says she doesn't want to be anything like her mother -- with Richard noting that everything she's already done, including the party and her surgical talents -- are nothing like Ellis.

5. Owen is still persona non grata with Teddy. After hijacking a surgery from Alex and Dr. McQueen, Owen confronts Teddy and Cristina, who almost laugh him out of the OR.

6. Owen finally has had enough. When Owen threatens to take Cristina off Teddy's service -- so she can no longer serve as the newly widowed doc's "security blanket" -- Cristina protests, with Owen finally snapping. "It's always about you!" he says. "It was not one surgery, it was a life I envisioned for myself," he says, finally pulling out the abortion card he's been suppressing for months. "You killed our baby, you don't ever forget that!" Good thing the fight wasn't in public. Oh, wait …

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7. Lexie likes lost causes. After an impossible (and heartbreaking) case doesn't work out the way they'd wanted it, Derek encourages Lexie that sometimes it's OK to go after a lost cause. (Ahem, Mark.) We agree.

8. April, Jackson and Alex are moving out of Casa de Grey. With Meredith and Derek's family clashing with the single ways of the three docs, April takes the lead and the trio will be heading for a new place.

What did you think of Cristina and Owen's fight? Do you think Owen will throw in the towel on the marriage or continue to fight for the relationship?

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