'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Who Died and Who's on the Rocks?

Grey's Anatomy Seal Our Fate Episodic - H 2013
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Grey's Anatomy Seal Our Fate Episodic - H 2013

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's two-hour season 10 premiere of Grey's Anatomy, titled"Seal our Fate"/"I Want You With Me."]

Picking up immediately where season nine left off, ABC's Grey's Anatomy returned on Thursday to reveal the fate of one of its original stars during a two-hour premiere that featured a fan-favorite couple learn to weather a personal storm and another head down a path filled with dark clouds.

Here's how things played out for everyone:

Callie and Arizona
After being caught cheating with Dr. Boswell (Hilarie Burton), Callie, in a bid to both punish her wife and seek comfort from her friends, shares the news with the board. Callie can hardly stand to be in the same room, much less an OR, with her cheating wife and after insulting Arizona's surgical prowess, apologizes. But Arizona only sees that as an opening to take a stab at Callie for what likely is at the center of her betrayal. In a nod to Callie's broken promise that she'd never let anyone amputate Arizona's leg, Arizona says, "We all said things that we shouldn't have." Callie winds up taking Sofia and moving into Meredith and Derek's McMansion, where Arizona shows up for a second round of screaming. Callie ultimately informs Arizona that they'll share custody of their daughter until they figure out a permanent solution. (Check back to THR's The Live Feed tonight for interviews with Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw,)

After The Chief is found electrocuted on the basement floor, Cristina and Bailey face off about his treatment and are forced to defer to Meredith, whom Webber has named as his next of kin. A fourth party enters the fray when Catherine Avery accuses Bailey of treating her boyfriend out of guilt rather than what was best for him. In the end, Mer sticks by Bailey, whose assessment was spot-on and ultimately saves his life when he wakes up to find Catherine, Mer and Bailey all fussing over him.

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This time, Cristina and Owen's split is different, she tells Meredith in the opening moments of the episode. Rather than focusing on the why of their break-up, Cristina and Owen begin learning how to navigate their new relationship. After having trouble cutting each other off from one another via two rounds of sexytime, Cris reveals she's not sure they can be friends because they'll continue sleeping together. "Just because I'm the one who said it was time doesn't mean it was easy for me," she says through tears. "This is not easy for me." At the end of the two-hour premiere, Cristina begins to detach herself from Owen and spends time at Mer's very crowded house, serving as a buffer between Callie and Arizona.

April makes her decision between virgin paramedic Matthew, and Jackson, whom she made one final pass at when she feared for his life in the storm. After Matthew figures out that Jackson was the guy for whom April had feelings, he gives April an out. After Jackson and April have to marry a patient as she fights for her life, Jackson says April needs to make a decision about what's best for her. She uses that opportunity to profess her feelings to Matthew and proposes to him. (Spoiler: He accepts.)

Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital's newest couple are having a hard time finding a place to hook up where Alex hasn't already done the deed before. Alex, who was among Meredith's roster of visitors, has the best line of the episode when, in a nod to his past, he says, "It was all a bad idea," about his marriage to Izzie and why he never turned in his medical directive listing her as "his person."

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RIP, Mousey. After Shane sends Heather to find Webber in a bid to earn more time with Derek, Heather winds up electrocuting herself and hitting her head on the way down. Shane later finds both and, after scrubbing in during Heather's surgery, he confesses that he was responsible for what happened. Heather ultimately fails to pull through surgery and Shane must deal with his guilt over his role in her death. 

The interns
The interns use Heather's death as an opportunity to bond, with Stephanie leading the charge to save Shane from going out into a dangerous mudslide. They each share secrets in a bid to form a family. Leah shares that her mother dated Mark Sloan and he helped her get into the program; Stephanie went through college on a cheerleading scholarship; and Jo shares her past.

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