'Grey's Anatomy': Romance for Owen and Amelia? Kevin McKidd, Caterina Scorsone Weigh In

Grey's Anatomy Kevin McKidd and Caterina Scorsone Split - H 2014
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Grey's Anatomy Kevin McKidd and Caterina Scorsone Split - H 2014

Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) is facing a difficult road ahead without the love of his life.

Last week, one of Grey Sloan's top docs revealed that he was afraid that he might fall down a dark path without Cristina (Sandra Oh) around to be his beacon of hope. Instead, he pushed Callie (Sara Ramirez) to come through for a soldier to bring a little bit of hope into his otherwise work-obsessed world.

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While there have not been any signs that elude to Owen dipping his toe back into the dating scene, many have speculated whether the damaged war vet and new Seattle regular Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) would make for a good pairing. Think about it: Both certainly have their demons and a romance between the two would certainly put Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) in an interesting position considering Cris was, and will forever be her "person." (Sorry, Alex.)

"That could be interesting," McKidd told The Hollywood Reporter. "I'd like to explore that for the character. I think [showrunner] Shonda [Rhimes] is interested in that idea. The damage of those two characters could really be interesting to put together. It could create a lot of comedy. The Owen-Derek (Patrick Dempsey) relationship would take on a whole new dynamic and level, which could be really fun to play with — 'Whoa, you're dating my sister now?!' And Meredith and Owen have always had a slightly complicated relationship. I think there could be a lot of possibilities there."

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Adds new series regular Scorsone of the possibility: "I could see why that speculation would be there because I think they've both been through so much. The fans love them both with a kind of broken tenderness and I could see why that would work. But I know nothing! I have faith that sometimes what you think is obvious is exactly what Shonda will fishtail. You never know. I have faith that whatever she decides is going to mysteriously be exactly perfect for Amelia."

For her part, Rhimes told THR in July that she was playing the Owen romance storyline by ear.

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"We're going to take the time to pace it correctly," she told THR at the time. "I'm going to do it instinctively. … We're going to play with his loneliness and see how that feels. We're going to have him make some attempts and see how that feels. … We're going to give him some opportunities and then dive in when it feels correct. I'm not just going to put him with someone because he needs to be with someone. There's some validation in honoring the fact that that relationship was a huge relationship and quite beautiful. It's the same way we did with Cristina when Burke left. We're not going to throw him with somebody just to have somebody there."

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