'Grey's Anatomy': 6 of Sara Ramirez's Most Influential Scenes as Callie Torres

Grey's Anatomy Sara Ramirez Jessica Capshaw - H 2012

Grey's Anatomy Sara Ramirez Jessica Capshaw - H 2012

ABC's Grey's Anatomy — and primetime TV — is losing a key character.

Star Sara Ramirez announced Thursday that she was exiting the Shondaland medical drama following a 10-season run as Dr. Callie Torres to take "some welcome time off." Her exit leaves both the Shondaland medical soap as well as primetime TV without one of its most influential characters, as Ramirez's Callie has become an example of how to expertly portray both bisexuality and same-sex relationships via the character's romance with Arizona (Jessica Capshaw).

While Callie and Arizona split up in more recent seasons, the season 12 finale (which will stand as Ramirez's final episode) seemed to leave the door open for the actress to return to reprise her role. (Executive producer Shonda Rhimes also noted that Ramirez would "always have a home at Shondaland.)

While Callie has certainly had her ups and downs (divorce, car crashes, losing loved ones), she's been a pioneer for LGBT viewers across the globe, with Ramirez also serving as a champion for equality.

Here, THR takes a look at six of Ramirez's most influential scenes as the beloved Callie Torres.

Callie and Arizona's first kiss.

The kiss that launched "Calzona."

Callie and Arizona get married.

I'm not crying, you are.

Being so good that Erica Hahn "saw leaves"

While Callie may not have reacted well, there isn't a member of the LGBT community who hasn't experienced this same moment in their own lives.

The first time Arizona and Callie said I love you.

Simple. Perfect. Complete and total acceptance. This is how we're remembering Callie and Arizona.

When Callie came out of her coma and Ramirez slayed Brandi Carlile's "The Story."

OK, so the musical may not have been one of Grey's Anatomy's best episodes, but nobody can deny Ramirez's pipes and her gutting performance here.

When Callie stands up to her father: "You can't pray away the gay."


These are just a few of our favorite scenes with Ramirez as Callie Torres. What are your favorite moments? Sound off in the comments, below.