'Grey's Anatomy' Postmortem: How Will Ben React to Bailey's Big Decision?

Grey's Anatomy Run, Baby, Run Chandra Wilson - P 2012

Grey's Anatomy Run, Baby, Run Chandra Wilson - P 2012

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's "Run, Baby, Run" episode of Grey's Anatomy.]

Bailey was put in a familiar position during Thursday's midseason finale of ABC's Grey's Anatomy when Richard's wife, Adele (Loretta Devine), was brought into the ER just as she was inching out the door for her nuptials with Ben.

For the doc, the decision to stay with the Chief's (James Pickens Jr.) wife during her time of need was justified given the urgency, but it still left Ben standing at the altar and brought up memories of why Bailey's first marriage to Tucker failed to work.

"The expectation is she'll be setting up another relationship to fail," co-star Chandra Wilson told The Hollywood Reporter during a recent visit to the ABC medical drama's Hollywood set.

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After giving birth to son Tuck, Bailey's 10-year marriage to Tucker (Cress Williams) began to deteriorate after he (rightfully) claimed she put her job at the hospital ahead of her family, ultimately splitting when her best efforts failed to make the grade with him.

"There was no way that Bailey was going to leave that situation and not do everything that she could for Adele," Wilson says. "That was also a scary part for Bailey because she wasn't choosing not to get married in that moment but she had to stay where she was needed, so how can you ask somebody to be understanding about something like that over and over again? That gets to the core of what her problem is and what her ambivalence is because that so affected her first marriage."

Wilson, however, says Ben (Jason George) -- who's interning in Los Angeles as he studies to become a surgeon -- knows what he signed up for and despite being stood up (so to speak) won't break a sweat about the couple's formal union.

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"He has an incredible faith, it's almost like he's not even worried about it," Wilson says. "He choses to believe in the person he's about to marry; he knows her very well." 

So while Bailey had wedding day nerves about the low-key affair and found solace in the comfort zone of the hospital, Wilson says not to read too much into the delay.

"[Grey's showrunner] Shonda [Rhimes] wants a winter wonderland wedding, so we've got the costumes and we've got the place to be!" Wilson says with a laugh. "People shouldn't worry too hard for them!"

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