'Grey's Anatomy': Who Can Save Seattle Grace From Bankruptcy?

Recurring guest star Constance Zimmer tells THR her character, Dr. Alana Cahill, is here to help.
"Grey's Anatomy's" Constance Zimmer

While the plane crash survivors have won a massive $15 million (each!) in their lawsuit against the hospital, Derek, Meredith, Cristina, Arizona and Callie could ultimately end up paying for their victory professionally as Seattle Grace is now on the brink of bankruptcy following the pricey verdict.

But there's one person who could be the secret to Seattle Grace's success: Constance Zimmer's Dr. Alana Cahill, who makes her first appearance in Thursday's episode, playing a physician's adviser who is brought in to help the hospital as it looks to avoid bankruptcy.

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"I'm definitely not received very well because I'm coming in to pretty much reshape the hospital and I'm cutting a lot of things and being very harsh about the way things are run," Zimmer told The Hollywood Reporter during a recent visit to Grey's Anatomy's Hollywood set. "I don't think they really like me in the beginning, but that's OK because sometimes you've got to be tough."

Zimmer says Cahill is a former surgeon who shares a history with one of Seattle Grace's more senior staffers, who is disappointed that she gave up her promising surgical career.

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"She doesn't want the hospital to close and has to figure out how to do that, how to fix it," she teases. The answer will come as a shock to everyone, especially Derek -- who was the most vocal of the plane crash survivors in forging ahead with the lawsuit.

While Zimmer -- who next appears in Netflix's original drama House of Cards -- immediately mixes things up on Grey's during her stint, she says Cahill has a "true arc."

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"People might not like me at first, so I'm just hoping that all those Grey's fans aren't like, 'We hate you, leave!' I just want to say to them that I will get better, I promise! You will like me. I will make you like me!"

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. Hit the comments with your thoughts on how you think Cahill will be welcomed. Check out a promo, featuring a split-second of Cahill, below.

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