'Grey's Anatomy' Stars Share Their Take on Happily Ever After

THR quizzed the cast to find out what they think their characters' end game is on the veteran Shondaland drama.
Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

What is "happily ever after" on ABC's Grey's Anatomy?

To hear the stars of the veteran Shonda Rhimes medical drama tell it, it's a balance between being incredible doctors and having families to go home to. With so many characters chasing their happily ever after — and some having already achieved it (looking at you, Cristina Yang) — THR quizzed the cast to find out what they think their characters' end games are.

Chandra Wilson (Bailey)
It's changing for her because initially it was having her family and pursuing her dreams. She's kind of gotten all of that now. So I think it's time for her to have some new dreams and goals.

Sara Ramirez (Callie)
I think that's still to be discovered. Her life is continuing to evolve in a way that she didn't necessarily expect but it could be about love but it could also be about her career and profession. How does a mother who is at the top of her game professionally pursue her true bliss if she feels it's not there? Does she? Has she really captured her true bliss? Does she know what that is? Is that Sophia? Is it in a loving, romantic committed relationship? Is it in some way pursuing something new and different in her profession as a surgeon? Is it beyond that? She's exploring new love and it's a hot dating situation and there's some unexpected twists and turns as always. They do it brilliantly and it's in a way that affects a lot of people.

Jessica Capshaw (Arizona)
It would be so lovely for Arizona, having gone through a plane crash and divorce, to get to a place where she genuinely knew who she wanted and was able to figure out how to love and be loved in a really truthful way. Callie and Arizona are in the most amazing place. Part of the reason they have to go through so many different "this isn't working out moments" is because until you knew that it really wasn’t working out — and you don't champion them being together anymore — you weren't going to be able to let go of it. Now, you know that they are not good together as they are now. Hopefully that will lend some air and space to them being happy for each other going forward.  

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Kevin McKidd (Owen)
We know Owen wants to have a family and be a father. I would hope for him that they'd give him that eventually. There was so much with him and Cristina — her never wanting to have kids, the abortion and him supporting her even though that wasn't what he wanted. That's the Holy Grail for Owen and it seems to be slightly out of his reach. I hope that for him because he's a good man. It might go that way with Amelia, but she's got complications with the idea of having a kid again after what she went through. That's a really complicated road for him to go down but it would create great drama.

Caterina Scorsone (Amelia)
Her happily ever after has to do with self-love, with her own journey. Once she has that, embracing the humans who have come to populate her life will be that much easier. But I think something is happening; it might not be tied up in a bow and it might not be a definable relationship at this point but Amelia and Owen are definitely affecting each other and any human that affects another human so dramatically, that's a relationship. They're having some sort of relationship. It's just not one that either one of them can comfortably define or bring home to their parents.  

Sarah Drew (April)
She's fighting like hell for her marriage. She believes Jackson is her soul mate and she believes in the promise she made to him when they got married. The vows means something to her and it's supposed to last — even when you want to kill each other or you're not happy, because that's what marriage is. It's bigger than how you feel at any given moment. I want April to fight like hell and I think she will. It's coming.

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Camilla Luddington (Jo)
Succeeding as a doctor and getting to where she wants to be — maybe being the chief herself one day. Maybe having kids with Alex (Justin Chambers) at some point. I think she wants to create the childhood that she never got to have. This season, Alex and Jo are at that crossroads in their relationship where you have to start thinking about your future and talk about the big questions — so we'll see them tackle that.

Jerrika Hinton (Stephanie)
I've always felt like our show is about those ghosts that you're running from informing the thing that you're running toward. We finally get to find out a bit more about that for Stephanie in episode four when we really delve into who she is and find out where she comes from — and how that informs all of her quirks that she has today.

Giacomo Gianniotti (Andrew DeLuca)
Finding his purpose. Finding what he's meant to do.

Joe Adler (Isaac Cross)
You'll see pretty soon that my character has a little crush, so maybe my happily ever after will be with this crush. 

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.