'Grey's Anatomy': Will Amelia and Owen Make It to 'I Do'?

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Will Grey's Anatomy's Amelia and Owen make it to say "I do"?

That's among the bigger questions heading into Thursday's season 12 finale of the Shondaland medical drama as the on-again couple finally seems to be on the same page (for once).

And while Amelia's proposal to Owen (Kevin McKidd) in last week's penultimate hour of the season may seem like it came out of left field, to hear star Caterina Scorsone tell it, the writing really has been on the wall for the beleaguered couple.

"It was sudden for everyone but in some ways it was expected," Scorsone tells THR of her character's multiple-season storyline."Amelia has felt really deeply for Owen for a long time. The thing that has given her pause is her history of tragedy."

It's that history that may be a stumbling block for Amelia as she does her best to get to the altar in what is the character's third engagement (including during her tenure on Grey's spinoff Private Practice).

"Though she's incredibly capable, a brilliant and proven surgeon, a great friend and reliable sister taking care of Meredith's kids, Amelia is always riddled with self-doubt," Scorsone says of Amelia, who broke off her engagement with James (Matt Long) to move to Seattle and join Grey Sloan full time. "Even though she cares about Owen and Owen cares about her, what gets in Amelia's way is her feelings of unworthiness. It's almost like an adolescent, like she's on the outside of the party of people who get to have a fulfilling life."

Given the fact that Amelia has lost so many people close to her — including her father, her first fiancé, Ryan (Wes Brown), who overdosed, and more recently, her big brother Derek (Patrick Dempsey) it's no surprise that Amelia's biggest obstacle is an internal sense of unease.

"She's always looking for support and family," Scorsone says. "And in this episode, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) pulls the rug out from under her. She pushed Amelia in the direction of Owen and she takes back her approval and turns the table on her."

That will send Amelia down a spiral that will leave her wondering if should go through with the nuptials.

"The weird thing is Amelia has been trying to grow up and be responsible — and people are always ragging on her for not being a grownup and when she is trying to move into this adult romance, suddenly that approval she thought she'd gain from becoming antonymous is withdrawn," Scorsone says. "She's a bit headspun with Meredith and she's trying to hold onto her convictions about Owen and when Meredith says, 'Why don't you go get your own life?' Amelia realizes she has been shying away from stepping into her potential as a partner and adult. That wakes her up and it's like a cold bucket of water on her head. As much as she thought she was doing the responsible thing and taking care of Meredith's kids, she put herself on the back burner in terms of her own life. Meredith thought she was living Derek's life but Amelia's not living anyone's life; she's supporting Meredith's life and not living her life in that moment. That spurs her to propose. She sees what she wants is Owen and to be an adult on her own."

The Grey's Anatomy season finale airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC.