'Grey's' Anatomy's' Justin Chambers Says Ratting Out Meredith 'Is Pretty Despicable' (Video)

The actor tells THR he disapproves of Alex's actions and sees forgiveness on Season 8.
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Grey’s Anatomy fans have been debating the issue since last season. Was it right that Alex (Justin Chambers) told Owen (Kevin McKidd) that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) tampered with the Alzheimer’s trial? Now, the actor who plays Alex tells us where he stands on the debate.

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“He wasn’t right,” Chambers tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Ratting out anyone [isn’t right]. I wouldn’t. But, Alex was also drunk, which was a big factor. And I think we all do stupid things, say stupid things, when we drink too much. He’s coming from a place of anger, because of what Lucy [Rachael Taylor] had done to him. So, it was more reactive.”

After seeing the first Season 8 sneak peek, it looks like both Alex and Meredith are going to pay for their actions. But, Chambers says that the friendship isn’t over.

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“Meredith has done a lot for him,” Chambers points out. “She’s given him a home even and for him to do that is pretty despicable. But, I think she’s such a smart woman and a goodhearted woman that she will forgive him and it just shows how great Meredith is as a person.”

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