'Grey's Anatomy's' Kevin McKidd Critiques Owen and Cristina's Choices (Video)

Kevin McKidd, ABC's Grey's Anatomy, TCA 2011
The Hollywood Reporter

When Season 8 of Grey's Anatomy rolls around Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) will be mulling over their growing dilemma. She’s pregnant and doesn’t want to be a mom, but he’s totally ready to daddy up.

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'“They’ve had lots of bumps in the road,” McKidd tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Since they’ve met, it’s been rocky for them to say the least, but this is like the big one really. This is going to define how or if the relationship moves forward in the next couple episodes.”

Cristina and Owen’s relationship has been characterized from the very beginning by their fiery passion. Yet, McKidd seems to have a much more analytical mind than his hot-blooded character and his spitfire of a wife.

“They should have really checked in with each other before they got married about the baby question in my opinion,” the Scottish actor tells us. “They made a big mistake. They really should have crossed those ‘Ts’ and done their due diligence before they jumped into the marriage thing. They’re paying for that right now by being completely on different pages with the children issue.”

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Yet, McKidd says that the couple’s discord makes his job much more enjoyable. “Those characters are more fun to play when they’re struggling with something,” he says.

Within the first two hours premiering Sept. 22 on ABC, we’ll know what Cristina is going to do and McKidd says that the show doesn’t veer away from the controversial subject of abortion.

“It’s definitely not something that is sidestepped,” he tells us. “I’m not going to say what happens… [Creator Shonda Rhimes] and the writers will go head on right into a subject matter that’s usually kind of avoided… They just do it and do it in a very clever way.”

Besides his rocky storyline with Cristina, McKidd also has his second stab at directing coming up. He has revealed he’s doing Episode 6 on the upcoming season. So, we wondered what he learned after his first go-around last season that will make this one better for him.

“I think I’ll enjoy it more this time,” he says. “Because I was so terrified [last time]. Didn’t sleep at all. I’m going to sleep more and have more fun.”

Watch the full interview below.


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