'Grey's Anatomy's' Sara Ramirez: The Lawsuit Will Rock Callie's World

The actress talks with THR about Thursday's Callie-focused episode and the return of Hector Elizondo.
"Grey's Anatomy's" Sara Ramirez and Hector Elizondo

Callie (Sara Ramirez) is not having an easy go of it this season on ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

After Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) cheated on Callie, the couple separated and are sharing custody of their daughter, Sofia. As if things couldn't get worse for Callie, this week she faces a career-threatening malpractice lawsuit during which she'll lean on her father, Carlos (Hector Elizondo), for support. And then there's Arizona, who, while Callie has thrown herself into work in the wake of their separation, has started sleeping with Leah (Tessa Ferrer). 

Ahead of Thursday's Callie-centric episode, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Ramirez to preview the hour and where things are heading for Calzona.

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Callie is having a challenging year. Does it get better for her going forward?

I don't know. I always wonder if they're going to show Callie repeating her old patterns or if she's going to break out of them and try something new. It's hard to tell right now because in typical Callie fashion, she's doing her best. She's trying to be her best self and under these circumstances, I don't know that she always succeeds. It's quite the episode to shoot; I was in every scene except one. It's a completely new experience for me.

This week, Callie's father returns. After Arizona gave him that famous "Good man in a storm" speech, how will he respond to their separation?

He and I definitely bonded the first time we worked together and we pick up right where we left off. There's a lovely connection there. He comes back with a surprise of his own. He doesn't know anything about Callie's and Arizona's separation. He's going to respond like an honest, loving father would.

Callie is facing a malpractice suit. How will that story tie into Callie's personal journey this year?

It really rocks her world and confidence and self-esteem. It makes her question herself and that ultimately bleeds into everything else in her life.

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How will Arizona support Callie during the lawsuit?

Arizona and Callie share custody of Sofia and because of this they have to maintain a relationship. So of course we'll see them interact. Arizona is doing her best to be compassionate toward Callie.

Arizona seems to have moved on from Callie with Leah. How might Callie respond to finding that out? 

She doesn't find out about Leah [this week].

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