NBC's 'Grimm' Premiere: What the Viewers Are Saying

"I'm totally hooked," opines one of the fairy-tale-themed procedural, while another claims it is "by the numbers."
Scott Green/NBC

Viewers got their first look at NBC's new fairy-tale-themed procedural Grimm on Friday night.

The show centers on a Portland homicide detective named Nick (David Giuntoli), who is leading a normal life with his fiancee, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch), and his partner, Hank (Russell Hornsby). Then one day, he starts seeing bizarre things -- like a businesswoman glance at him and flash momentarily into a zombie, a perp flash into some kind of serpent and a guy out getting his mail flash into a werewolf.

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It turns out that the monsters from the Grimm fairy tales really do exist, and Nick, who turns out to be a descendant of the Grimm family line, inherits the ability to find and fight off the creatures.

So what did viewers think of the pilot episode, which got off to a good start in the ratings despite airing opposite Game 7 of the World Series? Many of them hit Twitter to share their opinions, where they also compared it to another new fairy-tale-themed drama, ABC's Once Upon a Time.

Among their reactions:

Reg Saddler
Grimm was awesome, I'm totally hooked. I could just imagine the wintery dinnertime tales in dad's house... too cool!

Jeannie Fay Fultz
loved #GRIMM

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Great show!

Ralph Cirella
"GRIMM" mild SPOILER ALERT! ....LOVED how it started off w/ EURYTHMICS "SWEET DREAMS" and ended w/ MARLIYN MANSON version #BRILLIANT

Ann Eckhart
It was amazing!

Deborah Sastroredjo
<3 grimm already

Marge Brennan
#Grimm I'm intrigued .. watch next week.

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Antonio Ballard
Save It SaveIt! But im sure you will cancel like you did with HEROES and The BIONIC WOMAN.

Jordan Young
Fairytales are fun: liked the pilots for Once Upon a Time and Grimm. Could definitely see the Buffy connection in Grimm. :)

Christi Dozier
Grimm started with a Eurythmics song...I already like this better than Once Upon A Time.

Thom Cordeiro
Anyone else watch GRIMM on @NBC last night? Looks like it has some great potential! So cool! #grimm

Katie Gower
Grimm on @nbc is really really weird but I love it

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It's quite different... #OUAT seems to be more like a family show whereas #Grimm has much more crime and is dark and mysterious imho

Charlie Craig
Man, GRIMM is by the numbers.

Kris The Sith
As a fan for fantasy horror, the first episode didn't appeal to me at all, it wasn't interesting

Peter S. Hall
How pissed do you think the makers of GRIMM are at the Cardinals right now?

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