'Grimm' Returns With Some Cold-Blooded Creature Reunions (Exclusive Photos)

NBC's creepy procedural starts a block of new episodes careening toward its May 18 season finale starting with the return of a couple old acquaintances on Friday's episode.
Scott Green/NBC

NBC’s creepy procedural drama finally returns with a new episode on Friday, which brings some old acquaintances back into the mix. Beginning with “Island of Dreams,” Grimm begins to careen toward its May 18 season finale with eight weeks of new episodes.

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Friday's episode marks the return of attorney-slash-Hexenbeast Adelind Engel (Claire Coffee) and the introduction of new recurring character Rosalee (Bree Turner). And in true Grimm fashion, there’s more to Rosalee than meets the eye.

“Island of Dreams” also brings back a creature we first met in the series pilot: The Skalengeck. And The Hollywood Reporter has a first look at the cold-blooded lizard-like creature that may be behind the grisly murder of a local shop owner that has Nick (David Giuntoli) looking for answers.

Take a look at the Skalengeck below.

Grimm NBC Island of Dreams

Grimm NBC Island of Dreams

Credit: HIVE-FX/NBC 

Grimm airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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