'Guys With Kids' EP Amy Ozols, Anthony Anderson Take THR's Fall TV Poll

Anthony Anderson co-stars in the comedy about three guys learning to become men while balancing fatherhood from executive producer Jimmy Fallon.
NBC's "Guys With Kids"

NBC turns its lens on stay at home fathers in Guys With Kids, a comedy that counts Jimmy Fallon as an executive producer.

Starring Jesse Bradford, Anthony Anderson and Zach Cregger, the comedy swaps power suits for the power to nap as the guys juggle the demands of parenting while still growing up themselves.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with star Anderson and executive producer Amy Ozols (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon) to challenge the duo to take our Fall TV poll where they revealed the network's trust in Fallon, their sometimes violent young co-stars and a penchant for Halle Berry.

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The Hollywood Reporter: Fill in the blanks: If you like X, Y and Z, you'll like my show.
Amy Ozols: If you like fun, families and silliness, you'll like the show
Anthony Anderson: If you like babies, poop and pee, you'll like my show (laughing).

If you weren't working on this series, what show would you want to be part of?
Ozols: If I wasn't running this show, I'd like to run a marathon -- but I don't have time to train for one because I work all the time (laughs).
Anderson: The character I played in Law & Order: Detective Kevin (laughs).

What's the most bizarre network note you've ever received?
That's a tough one. I'm not even blowing smoke, but we've had really good network notes. This is the first show Jimmy and I have developed together and it's been our first notes experience with the network and all the notes have been really good. I'm not just saying that; it's really true. 

What's the funniest thing that happened when you were filming the pilot?
Anderson: A baby punched Jesse Bradford literally, in the mouth, like in the back of his throat (laughs).

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What three things do you need to write?

Ozols: I definitely need a three-hole punch and college-ruled legal pad to write anything.  I have super OCD tendencies and I always use the same blue gel pens. 

If you could add anyone to the writers' room, who would it be?
Ozols: Jimmy Fallon! He's the lifeblood of the show. His sensibility is what everything flows from; all the wacky, silly moments in the pilot emanated from ideas he had. If he were in the room all the time, I feel like we'd get to tap into that energy all the time and that would be a good thing.

If you could remove scrub credit off your résumé, what would it be?
Anderson: My Baby's Daddy with Eddie Griffin. [A 2004 Miramax feature that grossed an underwhelming $17 million domestically.] 

What advice do you have for new series regular Kevin Bacon?
Anderson: Get lots of sleep because 18-hour days will kill you.

You're the casting director, who's your dream guest star for Guys With Kids?
Anderson: Halle Berry, my fantasy comes to life (laughs).

Guys With Kids will preview Wednesday at 10 p.m. and bow in its regular time slot on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 8:30 p.m. on NBC. Will you watch?