Hallmark Channel's 'William & Catherine' Stars Talk Researching the Royal Newlyweds

Dan Amboyer and Alice St. Clair explain how they prepared to play the new duke and duchess.
Hallmark Channel
Alice St. Clair and Dan Amboyer on Hallmark Channel's "William & Catherine: A Royal Romance."

Hallmark Channel’s film, William & Catherine: A Royal Romance, portrays the newly married duke and duchess from their meeting as students through to their televised wedding on April 29, which attracted nearly 23 million American viewers.

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Dan Amboyer and Alice St. Clair, portray the young royals. They appeared at Wednesday’s Televison Critics Association Press Tour along with Hollywood vets Victor Garber (Alias), who plays William’s father, Prince Charles, and Jean Smart (Designing Women), who plays Charles’ girlfriend, Camilla.

Executive Producer Linda Yellen, who also wrote, produced and directed 1982’s The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana, brings her experience to Hallmark’s portrayal of their son’s wedding, as well.

“I researched it very, very carefully,” Yellen says of the movie, which was shot after William and Kate’s wedding took place. “And everything has multiple sources of material that is in the public domain, as well as firsthand interviews with people who have traveled in those circles.”

In many ways, St. Clair may actually be the most connected cast member to the couple (or at the very least the royal family). Her father heads the security detail for Queen Elizabeth II, and most likely took part in the planning of William and Kate's wedding, as well. Yet, the British actress says her father wasn’t very helpful in researching the role.

“He’s a very discreet man and doesn’t really talk about his job,” Clair says. “Because it’s obviously top secret. So, I was trying to nudge info, but sadly he’s very quiet.”

“We didn’t know that much stuff,” she says of researching for the role. “I mean Kate is pretty private, a lot you have to create. I really had to, being of a similar age, call on things from the age group and things I’ve gone through in my life.”

Amboyer, on the other hand, had to start at pretty much ground zero in portraying William. “I’m from Detroit, so not exactly Buckingham Palace,” he jokes.

“The benefit of doing it after wedding was that we got to see so much of the programming that was out prior to the wedding,” he says. “So, there were so many documentaries and so many things to watch. So, I had an opportunity to learn a bit about him before taking it on… I prepared as best I could as I would for any other part.”

William & Catherine: A Royal Romance premieres Aug. 27.


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