'Duck Dynasty,' Walter White Among Most-Searched Halloween Costume Ideas on Yahoo

"Teen Beach Movie," "Star Wars" and "Despicable Me" also are hot this year among people looking to Hollywood for inspiration.
A&E; HalloweenCostumes.com
"Duck Dynasty's" Uncle Si, left, and a costume from HalloweenCostumes.com

Expect a lot of bearded men out on the streets this Halloween.

Duck Dynasty tops the list of celebrity/pop culture-themed costume searches on Yahoo, according to data compiled from the past seven days by Yahoo Web trend expert Carolyn Clark. Uncle Si, one of the stars of the A&E reality series, comes in at No. 20 (see the costume above, which can be purchased at HalloweenCostumes.com).

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Coming in second on the list was Walter White, the character played by Bryan Cranston on AMC's Breaking Bad, while the show itself landed at No. 3.

Rounding out the top five were Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games franchise, and Michael Myers, the villain from the Halloween movies.

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Meanwhile, among all costume-related searches, the Despicable Me 2 minions were No. 2, while Disney Channel's Teen Beach Movie and Alice in Wonderland, currently featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time spinoff, also made the top 15.

Top celebrity/pop culture costume searches (week ending Oct. 28):

1. Duck Dynasty Halloween costume
2. Walter White costume
3. Breaking Bad costumes
4. Katniss costumes
5. Michael Myers costume
6. Zombie costumes
7. Minion costume
8. Miley Cyrus costume
9. Minecraft costumes
10. 50 Shades of Grey Halloween costumes
11. Black Swan costume
12. Flo Progressive costume
13. Gangster costumes
14. Glow stick costumes
15. Great Gatsby costume
16. Harry Potter costumes
17. Orange Is the New Black costumes
18. Monster High costumes
19. Jersey Shore costumes
20. Uncle Si costume

Top Costume Searches (week ending Oct. 28):
1. Stick figure Halloween costume
2. Minion costume
3. Catwoman costume
4. Pirate costume
5. Wonder Woman costume
6. Minnie Mouse costume
7. Nerd costume
8. Zombie costume
9. Teen beach costumes
10. Gypsy costumes
11. Poison Ivy costume
12. Alice in Wonderland costume
13. '80s costumes
14. Little Red Riding Hood costume
15. Scarecrow costume