'Handmaid's Tale': Offred's Fate Revealed in First Season 3 Teaser

In Gilead, the abusers in power have coined a phrase: "Under his eye." But for season three of Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, perhaps there's a better phrase to consider: "Under his nose."

The fate of Elisabeth Moss' Offred stands revealed, at least somewhat, in the first official look at the third season of the Emmy-winning series from creator Bruce Miller and based on Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel of the same name. It's a quick teaser, one that promises further elaboration in its upcoming Super Bowl spot, but even in its short duration, the fate of Offred (or June, as she certainly prefers) is starting to come into focus.

Clocking in at only 10 seconds, the teaser centers on June, walking forward in the cold light of day. She's no longer wearing her traditional handmaid uniform, but is clad in familiar Gilead attire: the subdued turquoise shades worn by Marthas, the servants who work within Gilead's highest houses. The Martha network was responsible for June's escape from the Waterford household in the season two finale, demonstrating the power of their hidden unity. Now, it appears she has joined their ranks — if only temporarily — and may be hiding in plain sight from those who are desperate to find her.

Watch the teaser above. 

In the season two finale, June encountered her best chance yet at leaving Gilead behind forever, but decided instead to stay behind, sending her newborn baby off to Canada alongside Emily (Alexis Bledel). June's reason for remaining in the heart of the dystopian nation? The search for her eldest daughter, Hannah (Jordana Blake). Rather than work to free Hannah from the safe distance of Little America in Canada, June decided instead to work from within Gilead itself. 

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter shortly after the season finale, Miller promised June's next steps would be an evolution in her fight against the brutal patriarchy.

"I think season three, there's a level of triumph and [a notion of] 'blessed be the fight,'" he said about the coming season's themes. "Certainly, we're going to hit ups and downs, just like we did [in season two], but that there's kind of a level of rebellious spirit in June that will make her more hard-charging, and the victories will be a little bit more visceral."

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