'Hannibal' and Will Have an Intense Therapy Session (Exclusive Video)

Hannibal Screen Grab - H 2013

Hannibal Screen Grab - H 2013

Hannibal inches closer to its freshman finale with the Thursday, June 6, episode, "Rôti" -- and for those not in the know, the weekly culinary reference pertains to a roasted joint of beef.

It's not clear who the unlucky subject of the high temperatures might be, but things don't look particularly good for Will (Hugh Dancy). In this exclusive clip of the episode, Will confesses during a session with Dr. Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) that he's concerned he's going crazy.

That might have something to do with Lector's ongoing manipulation. The episode also features the doctor trying to get Will and Dr. Gideon (returning guest Eddie Izzard) into the same room after his escape from custody.