'Happily Divorced': Ralph Macchio Woos Fran Drescher (Exclusive Video)

Happily Divorced Episodic - H 2012
TV Land

Happily Divorced Episodic - H 2012

Former Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio is heading to TV Land's Happily Divorced as one of the "nice guys."

In a scene exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter from this week's episode of the Fran Drescher comedy, Macchio's character Frankie is introduced as a New York guy in town to open up a pizza parlor.

When Fran's parents introduce Frankie, who is renting a room in her parents' house while in town, she can muster only one word: "Hi." Knowing their daughter all too well, Fran's parents start dishing out her dirty laundry.

Fran and Frankie start to connect -- over pizza, naturally -- with things starting to get spicy when he compliments her on her "cute" laugh. "Get out," Fran tells her parents immediately after.

Happily Divorced airs Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. on TV Land.

Watch the exclusive clip below: