‘Happy Endings' Reunion: Bosses and Cast Want to Continue Series, Pitch Story Ideas

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The future of Happy Endings is starting to look happier.
Fans of the ABC series have been hoping for a reboot ever since the show ended in 2013 after only three seasons, and the cast revealed that they, too, would be onboard during a reunion event on Sunday.  
At Vulture Festival in New York City, creator David Caspe admitted that they don’t want “to do six episodes shot on an iPhone,” but “if someone would actually let us do it the real way, then everyone would want to do it.”
“If there was a streaming service that made an offer…” executive producer Jonathan Groff suggested, pointedly looking at Hulu sponsors in the front row, as the service is streaming the full series and sponsored the reunion panel.
Caspe says they would “do anything,” whether another season or a movie. “It’s fun, so why not?” he said. Damon Wayans Jr. (Brad Williams) and Zachary Knighton (Dave Rose) both said they’d rather do a series, even though a movie would also “be cool.”
If a season four does happen, the cast has some interesting pitches for their characters’ futures. “I always wanted Dave to be a cop. I wanted to come back fat, buzzcut, something totally different,” Knighton suggested.
“Max would somehow have used the way that our country has progressed in the three or four years to his advantage. He’d be somewhere campaigning for Trump,” Pally pitched to Caspe and Groff onstage. “He would be Trump’s business manager or something. Something like that, something big where he’s stealing.”
Eliza Coupe (Jane Kerkovich-Williams) says Jane and Brad definitely wouldn’t have kids, which launched Pally into a surprisingly sentimental moment. 
“I do love the dynamic of Brad and Jane, especially now. You don’t see on television married couples who love each other who aren’t stressing about, ‘Oh, are we going to have a kid?’ They were just a married couple that were in love and living in an awesome apartment,” he said. “It was really refreshing and I still don’t think you see that on television, and you never see a married couple moving as a unit. If there’s a show with a married couple, the problem is the married couple. I think people get married and are OK? I love that, and I liked watching that.”
If Happy Endings got another season, Groff said that they would have played around with Dave and Penny’s relationship, but ultimately had Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) and Dave get married. 
Some other fun tidbits from the reunion were that Penny’s signature phrase, “ah-mah-zing” was originally written as “amazing” in the script; Caspe says Wilson improvised it. Wilson and her onscreen mom, Dana Hartz (Megan Mullally), also improvised the melody and choreography for their boat show song and dance. “It truly was the greatest moment of my life. Choreographing this boat show dance with Megan is the highest I can get,” Wilson said.
Wayans also revealed that they thought about casting Whoopi Goldberg as Brad’s mom, and Knighton told a story about Amanda Peet, telling him she loved the show and then “immediately passing” once Caspe tried to cast her as Jane and Alex’s sister. 
No matter what happens to Happy Endings, it’s clear that the cast loved making the show together as much as the audience loved watching it.
“The legacy is more personal for me than what happens to the show. I don’t give a shit,” Pally joked. “I hope there is another chance to do this and if it’s the show this is great. I would just love to be around these people more.”