'Happy Endings' Sets Outfest Premiere for Unaired Episode

Happy Endings Dinner - H 2012

Happy Endings Dinner - H 2012

A few fortunate eyes will catch the unaired episode from Happy Endings' second season this summer.

Outfest, the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, announced Tuesday that the extra episode will screen during the series July 22 panel at the Director's Guild of America.

Q&A: 'Happy Endings' Creator David Caspe Talks Renewals, Sitcom Romance and Unaired Episodes

"KickBall 2: The Kickening," an homage of sorts to The Bad News Bears, sees the gang getting uncharacteristically athletic, with Adam Pally's Max taking on the role of coach.

"It’s actually one of my favorites of the season," creator and executive producer David Caspe recently told The Hollywood Reporter. "The whole group enters a local Chicago kickball tournament. Lance Briggs from the Chicago Bears is on it. It’s really fun."

Following the Outfest screening, Caspe, Pally, Casey Wilson (Penny), recurring guest Stephen Guarino (Derrick) and executive producer Jonathan Groff will participate in a panel discussion and Q&A.

As for the episode's official air date, ABC is likely to plug it into the new season when Happy Endings moves to Tuesdays this fall.