'Happy Endings' Writers Offer 14 Reasons to Watch Tuesday's Back-to-Back Episodes

What do Manti Te'o, the 42nd President of the United States and delicious panini have to do with the ABC comedy? You'll have to tune in to find out.
"Happy Endings"

It's go time for Happy Endings fans. The little ABC comedy that could -- and has, quite well, for three seasons -- is now airing back-to-back episodes on Tuesday nights in an effort to complete its current order before the network shuffles it off the schedule in March.

The message is simple: This show has a place on TV as long as viewers make a point to ignore the siren call of their DVRs and tune in. And since nobody could make a better case for doing that than the very funny people who make Happy Endings, the writers of the show have graciously shared with The Hollywood Reporter their 14 reasons to watch this Tuesday's double feature.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Real Talk: We need 40 million people to tune in. But we’d be super happy with 30. Alright, 20. We’ll settle for eight. We won’t accept a notch below six million. Who are we kidding? If one single person watches, we’ll be happy. Just don’t be 60 years old. Please watch. Okay, you can be 60.

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2. There’s a surprise cameo from the cast of The Big Bang Theory, TV’s number one comedy!

3. Tune in to not one, but two wedding-themed episodes. Where else can you find that? Besides Say Yes to the Dress, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Bridezillas, and Lifetime’s upcoming Wedding Terrorists: The Tami Nichols Story.

4. Keep it old school. Watch TV live, drink a Sanka and harass a woman in the workplace.

5. We totally promise to watch your show when it’s on. And this is a real promise. Not like the time we promised to clean your car after we borrowed it. Sorry about that, by the way. Does it still smell like that live goat birth?

6. In order to attract younger viewers, our B story in the first episode is a series of YouTube videos of babies with husky laughs and the A story in the second episode is just Aziz Ansari tweets.

7. Remember how you loved Bill Clinton at the Golden Globes? Well, you’ll love his cameo in “Our Best Friend’s Wedding.” Sidebar, lying is cool!

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8. What else are you gonna watch? It’s not like there are other urban-based single camera comedies on Tuesdays.

9. What else are you gonna watch? New Girl and Go On aren’t on tonight. Sidebar, lying is fun!

10. We convinced Manti Te’o he’s dating our show. Help us keep up the ruse.

11. In “The Marry Prankster” one of the following five things will explode: 1. A city bus (empty) 2. A barely street-legal limo 3. Guest star Charo’s left breast implant 4. Racial tension 5. Your mind (empty).

12. “Our Best Friend’s Wedding” will be the most tantalizing episode we’ve ever made. Every cast member will be nude except for Adam Pally because we can’t show women’s breasts on network TV.

13. In the spirit of back-to-back episodes, Brad and Max will glue their backs together, Penny takes up classical piano, Jane finally learns to read and Dave and Alex hunt for elk -- making these back-to-back-to-Bach-to-book-to-buck episodes!

14. If your last name is Nielsen, you’ve gotta tune in. You’ll get one free caprese panino paid for by the cast! (That’s how ratings work, right?)

Happy Endings airs Tuesdays at 9 and 9:30 p.m. EST/PST on ABC.