Harrison Ford Turns 70: 5 Iconic Big Screen Moments (Video)

The "Indiana Jones" and "Star Wars" actor celebrated his birthday on July 13.

Happy birthday, Harrison Ford! Whether he’s Han Solo, Indiana Jones, John Book, Dr. Richard Kimble or President James Marshall, Ford has remained one of the big screen's most beloved actors, appearing in over 60 films since the 1960s. After his role in Cowboys & Aliens in 2011 and rumors of an Indiana Jones 5 (fingers crossed!), there don't seem to be any signs of the actor -- 70 years old today -- slowing down.

Take a look below at some of Ford’s most memorable -- and often times quotable -- film moments.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980):  Ford was Star Wars' original bad boy -- an immodest yet lovable rogue. Han Solo shows no sign of butterflies as Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) confesses her love for him, seconds before he was frozen in carbonite.


Raiders of the Lost Arc (1981): This famous scene was supposedly the result of an ill-prepared extra and Ford feeling ill and impatient under the hot sun. Ford suggested Indy quickly end the sword fight by just shooting the swordsman -- and we are so glad he did.


Witness (1985): Witness was a hit for not only Ford fans, but for the crowd that might not be too keen on fantasy films. Ford shows his softer, not-so-bad-boy side in this scene when he dances and "serenades" Rachel (Kelly McGillis), creating a definite "aww"-worthy moment.


The Fugitive (1993): Ford just can't catch a break in this film, starring alongside Tommy Lee Jones as the titular man-on-the-run. This scene frustrated audiences to no end, when Dr. Richard Kimble confronts Samuel Gerard after a harrowing chase scene -- to simply find out he just doesn't care.


Air Force One (1997): Ivan Korshunov (Gary Oldman) was pushed off the plane for more reasons than not having his ticket. When will movie villians -- or Kazakhi terrorists -- learn that you just don't mess with Harrison Ford?