'Hart of Dixie': 5 Things to Look Out for on Rachel Bilson's New CW Drama (Video)

Scott Porter, Jaime King, Wilson Bethel and Cress Williams talk to THR about what viewers can expect in the first several episodes.
The CW
"Hart of Dixie"

Rachel Bilson returns to the small screen in the CW's new Southern drama, Hart of Dixie.

Playing Dr. Zoe Hart, a big city doctor forced to move to a small town in Alabama, Bilson has her hands full with a crop of supporting players, led by Friday Night Lights' Scott Porter, whose characters are complicated enough to make heads spin.

In preparation for next Monday's launch, The Hollywood Reporter runs down the five things to look out for on the new series:

[Warning: Some spoilers up ahead.]

1. Secret romances take center stage: Zoe's appearance isn't the only thing that may be the talk of the town. As the series unfolds, a few characters hold a secret that could ruin their personal lives and standing in the town of Bluebell -- a secret relationship that is. "We have this secret romance that we're still trying to figure out what we're going to do about it," co-star Cress Williams, who plays town mayor and ex-football star Lavon, tells THR of his character's complicated affair with Jaime King's Southern belle, Lemon.

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To make matters worse, Lemon is engaged to George (Porter), a lawyer who catches the eye of Zoe. Adds King, "She loves George because she's been with him so long but something happened when he went to New York, something that hurt her. I think she loves them both (Lavon and George) very deeply." Porter says that "as far as George is concerned, since he doesn't know of that, he's ignoring the curiosity and intrigue he has with Zoe Hart and putting everything he has into his relationship with Lemon."

2. Heat waves and shirtless men: "The heat wave episode is probably going to get a lot of response in my inbox," co-star Wilson Bethel, who plays Zoe's bad boy neighbor Wade, told THR of future episodes. "There's a bare minmum of clothing for the entirety of the episode, let's put it that way. I may or may not emerge soaking wet from a body of water." Adds Williams, "All of us were shirtless at one point."

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3. The fight for Zoe's heart is well under way -- and not everyone likes it: "She throws a whole wrench in the dynamic because once she comes into town, then George Tucker is a bit smitten, and he's wrestling with that," Williams says, adding that Wade is also in the mix even though Bethel called their relationship "contentious" at best. If Porter had to pick between who had the edge, Wade or George, he'd have to hand it to his counterpart.

"I think Wade has a slight edge on George right now, but you have to understand that Zoe and George are star-crossed lovers. It's the thing that can never work. There's so many things against them." But come the sixth or seventh episode, things may be looking up for the pair: "We just filmed probably our most flirtatious scene yet today (Sept. 7) where George ends up back with Zoe. It's happenstance that he gets into another accident, ends up on some morphine and says some things he didn't mean to say."

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4. The battle between Lemon and Zoe begins: King revealed that Lemon is none too happy about Zoe coming into town. "From Lemon's point of view, this girl is just destroying everything in my life," King says. "Everything that is somehow important to me, she somehow ruins. I don't see the side where she's helping anyone, all I see is the tornado of Zoe Hart. She's confused as to why her life is already been challenged by someone she doesn't even know."

5. George's unknown past and uncertain future addressed: "Wilson and I had our first major scene last week and finished it up today (Sept. 7), so it was nice to finally get to work with Wilson. This was our first scene together," Porter revealed to THR. But George, who may seem perfect on the outside, is someone with a mysterious past. "He comes back for reasons unknown," he shares. "I'm not too sure what happened to George in New York. I can't really divulge anything -- what really made him come back, but what he knows in his heart of hearts is that he loves Bluebell."

Watch the rest of Williams' interview below: