'Hart of Dixie': 4 Big Questions for Season 2 Premiere

Hart of Dixie Season 2 Premiere Bilson Episodic - H 2012
Danny Feld/The CW

Hart of Dixie Season 2 Premiere Bilson Episodic - H 2012

Are you Team Wade or Team George?

Viewers will have to pick a side when The CW's Southern medical drama Hart of Dixie kicks off its sophomore season Tuesday with an episode that picks up one day after Dr. Zoe Hart's (Rachel Bilson) romantic debacle between the two suitors.

After screening the premiere "I Fall to Pieces" early, The Hollywood Reporter runs down four of the biggest questions for the season two premiere -- and beyond:

[Warning: Light spoilers ahead.]

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1. Who does Zoe ultimately choose: bad boy Wade (Wilson Bethel) or responsible George (Scott Porter)?

The finale found Zoe in a bind. After succumbing to her feelings for Rammer Jammer bartender (and all-around nuisance, at least in Zoe's eyes) Wade and discovering that "golden boy" George called off his wedding for her, a big decision about which road the former New Yorker will take is imminent. George quickly finds out about her "B-" romp with Wade and as expected, he doesn't have the most positive of reactions. But the two opt to be men about it: As Wade puts it, he has "no interest in being John Wayne with George Tucker" over Zoe. Let's just say, that goes out the window. Zoe's decision doesn't come until the final minutes of the episode, but how she gets to that point is just as important as what she decides.

2. Who is Bluebell newcomer Ruby (guest star Golden Brooks)?

Zoe finally finds a new best friend in Bluebell transplant Ruby Jeffries, but Ruby has more ties to the small town and its residents than meets the eye. (In one key reunion scene, wine plays a role.) Ruby's entry into Zoe's life comes at an opportune time for the doc, as she's been leaning heavily on her best "girlfriend" Lavon (Cress Williams) for guy advice. How exactly does Ruby come into the fold? Zoe treats one of her most difficult patients yet, Ruby's grandfather, who calls Zoe "homewrecker" -- multiple times.

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3. Will we see a new side to Lemon (Jaime King)?

Bluebell residents may be aware that George and Lemon's wedding was called off the night before, but the one person who has the most difficult time moving on is Lemon. While the bulk of the episode focuses on Zoe's struggles in her love life, Lemon makes the bold decision that now is the time for her to start fresh -- which includes moving out of her childhood home, getting a new job at the Rammer Jammer and becoming more independent (see: standing up to her father Brick [Tim Matheson]). So much so that when she attempts to return a wedding gift -- a cake knife -- with Zoe in tow, Bluebell goes into a tizzy, deeming it the town's very first hostage crisis.

4. Is love in the air in Bluebell for Brick?

Brick is getting some notice from the ladies too. Even with the George-Lemon wedding off, a guest from George's side Emily (Mary Paige Keller) is hoping for some quality one-on-one time with the trusted doc in town. But as things often go, Brick is called away to deal with said "hostage crisis."

There are several more moments that stand out in the Hart of Dixie premiere -- including numerous shirtless Wade scenes and worthy one-liners -- but the return effectively wraps up the loose ends from season one. The ultimate question becomes: Will Zoe's decision, revealed at the end of the episode, be satisfying?

Hart of Dixie returns for season two 8 p.m. Tuesday on The CW.

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