Hasan Minhaj Breaks Down Amazon's Business Practices in Netflix's 'Patriot Act'

Patriot Act- Hasan Minhaj-Publicity 3-Still-H 2018
Courtesy of Netflix

Hasan Minhaj kicked off Sunday's episode of his Netflix comedy show Patriot Act by professing an obsession with Amazon Prime Now — and then spent the rest of the show questioning its business practices.

Minhaj broke down all the companies that Amazon has acquired since it started as a bookstore — including Twitch, iMDB, Whole Foods and others — and said that "Amazon killed bookstores. It is now building new ones on top of their graves. That's like if my wife left me, and then married another guy named Hasan Minhaj, who also used too much hair product."

He then goes on to break down Amazon's dominance in the marketplace (49 percent of all U.S. e-commerce, with eBay way behind in second place at 6.6 percent): "If a percentage is that low, it shouldn't count. We're looking at you, Elizabeth Warren," he quipped in reference to the senator's release of a test showing that there is "strong evidence" of Native American ancestry, but dating back six to 10 generations, which was widely criticized by her opponents, including the Republican National Committee, which called it "a minuscule amount of Native American heritage."

He also joked that Amazon is the "Childish Gambino of companies. If someone told me that Donald Glover was hosting a late-night series on Netflix, I'd be like, 'Good night, it was a fun three episodes. We out. Peace. I know my limitations. Thank you, Donald, thank you for stealing my dreams."

He goes on to address Amazon's treatment of its employees and whether current antitrust need to be updated. And in case you were wondering, he stuck to Amazon's commerce business and didn't address the streaming-content wars between Amazon and Netflix.

Watch the full episode below.