'Hawaii Five-0' Boss on Finale's Wedding, New Threat: "Nothing Goes as Planned"

Peter Lenkov tells THR that the episode sees the return of a familiar face and the emergence of a new nemesis who's even worse than previous ones.
Courtesy of CBS
A scene from Friday's 'Hawaii Five-0' finale.

If you thought the Hawaii Five-0 team had a tough time battling Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos), brace yourself for what's about to unfold on the season-five finale.

The CBS drama's executive producer Peter Lenkov tells The Hollywood Reporter that the episode will set up a new nemesis who is "definitely worse" than Wo Fat, who fought the team until his death earlier this season. Additionally, while the previous baddie had a personal motivation for his terror and was solely an obstacle for McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin), this new threat will have a different drive and will impact the entire crew.

"The [finale's] cliffhanger is really planting that seed of who this villain's going to be," Lenkov says, promising that this will set up next season's storyline. 

In addition, Lenkov reveals that Danny (Scott Caan) has "a nice little arc that begins at the end of the season that will carry through to next season — there are some surprises there."

Another surprise for the team is the return of Catherine (Michelle Borth), which reunites everyone. "The family is getting back together for Kono's (Grace Park) wedding, but nothing goes as planned," Lenkov says. "Just on the eve of wedding, they get pulled into a case that may prevent the wedding from happening. Not just a case — a finale-worthy case. Big stakes, all-hands on deck."

Yes, the wedding will still happen, but it may involve some delayed gratification for viewers. Lenkov explains that Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) and Kono will exchange vows in the finale but won't actually have their first dance until the show returns next season.

Fans can rest assured that the finale won't just pose new questions. "We definitely tie up some of the loose threads that we've played with through the course of the season, so anybody that's been following from the beginning of the season till now will feel that there's some satisfaction — but not resolutions — with the continuity of the stories," Lenkov says.

Hawaii Five-0's season-five finale airs Friday, May 8 at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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