'Hawaii Five-0' Star on Kono's "Battle" While Lost at Sea, Finale's "Intimate" Wedding

Grace Park tells THR that she was "completely shocked" by one of the season-five finale's many twists.
Grace Park on Friday's episode of 'Hawaii Five-0'

One of Hawaii Five-0's own is in need of a rescue team. 

The CBS police drama's Friday episode centers on Kono (Grace Park) taking the solo outrigger trip that her mother always wanted to experience. The task force member soon faces dire straits when she hits bad weather.

Park tells The Hollywood Reporter that the episode is a very different one for the show and will provide a rare glimpse into Kono's childhood, along with giving more insight into her relationship with her mother and her love for surfing.

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"This is an actually an episode that was in [showrunner] Peter Lenkov's mind for a couple of years now," Park says, comparing the tone to that of the 2013 Robert Redford film All Is Lost. "We get to really go through a journey with her, physically on the ocean, but more than that, to be with her more emotionally, mentally and to see her battle the elements."

Looking ahead to the remainder of the season, Park reveals that Kono will face more than just the usual wedding-day stress on her big day. She is set to marry Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) in the show's upcoming two-part season finale, but she ends up missing all of her planned pre-ceremony events because she's helping the team defuse a nuclear bomb. "You do get to see her in a dress, and they do have a very small and intimate wedding," Park promises.

The team is getting a visit from a familiar face during the finale, as Catherine (Michelle Borth) returns from Afghanistan, having not appeared on the show since season four. Park says she was "completely shocked" when she learned that Catherine would reappear, and she hopes that the character can stick around for as long as possible.

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The show is currently without a big bad following Wo Fat's (Mark Dacascos) death earlier this season in the 100th episode, but viewers shouldn't get too comfortable. The finale, which will feature a cliffhanger, will also introduce a "new Wo Fat" as the next "major" nemesis, Park says.

The show has yet to get an official season-six pickup, but Park says the cast is hopeful that it will come soon. "I have all my stuff in Hawaii in storage, kind of waiting to hear either way," she says with a laugh.

On the topic of diversity in Hollywood, the actress says she typically doesn't think about her ethnicity, saying she feels "a little clueless to the fact that I'm Asian." She also adds: "Yet at the same time, I'm aware that if I wanted to be A-list, I would sort of feel like that's almost impossible. I don't know how much of that's an Asian thing, but I do think part of it is that."

Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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