'Hawaii Five-0' Creator on Season 6's Dangerous "Sociopath," McGarrett's Marriage Proposal

Hawaii Five-0 S06E01 Still - H 2015
Norman Shapiro/CBS

Hawaii Five-0 S06E01 Still - H 2015

Hawaii Five-0's sixth season kicks off at a wedding, but things won't stay carefree for the characters for long. 

The CBS cop drama wrapped up last season with Kono's (Grace Park) nuptials to Adam (Ian Anthony Dale), where new villain Gabriel (Christopher Sean) dropped by to say hello to Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim). The end of the season also brought the return of McGarrett's (Alex O'Loughlin) former flame Catherine (Michelle Borth) and the news that Danny (Scott Caan) has a son. 

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Series creator Peter Lenkov spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the new Big Bad's plans, which romances will soon struggle and why McGarrett and Danny are heading to couples counseling to work out their issues.

Last season ended with Gabriel paying a surprise visit to Kono's wedding. Where does the premiere pick up after that?

It literally picks up probably an hour after the finale ended — it picks up with the reception at Kono's wedding. We're not going to see the vows, but you're going to see the reception part of that. And there was a wedding crasher with Gabriel. This new Big Bad, somebody who has stepped in to replace Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) as our Big Bad in the franchise — made his mark, and he's not leaving, and he's not going to let Five-0 intimidate him, so he's thrown down the gauntlet. Clearly, he's going to be a presence in our lives this season. 

What is the tone of the premiere?

Fun. The premiere is a modern-day treasure hunt that's rooted in a pirate story. There's a lot of flashbacks to pirates, and there's a lot of fun — probably our most expensive episode to date. 

When will we learn more about Gabriel, and how will he affect the characters?

[We learn more] right away. His presence is going to be felt — there's going to be a domino effect to what he does in that first episode. Even if you don't see him, the shadow of him is there. He's a sociopath, and it's not a personal thing. He just looks at Five-0 standing in his way. 

Where is Steve and Catherine's relationship headed? 

All the promos show you that he's going to propose, so we're going to watch that develop. The theme for this season is relationships, so you're going to see everybody's relationships put under a microscope. Kono's dealing with being a newlywed, and Chin Ho's going to end up falling for a woman who's come from San Francisco — she's on loan from San Francisco PD to study the Five-0 task force. He's going to end up falling for this woman, they're going to have a relationship and there's going to be some surprises in that relationship. It's not going to be an easy relationship. 

How will things be for Steve and Danny's partnership this season?

They're both going through very different things in their personal lives, with Danny dealing with discovering that he has a son, and McGarrett's relationship with Catherine, so they're going to be there for each other — that relationship grows. We love playing that bromance between them. They've been going to mandated counseling for that partnership, and in order to burn off the hours that they have to put in, they decide to go to this retreat. And it turns out it's couples retreat, so they're going to spend a weekend together hashing out their feelings, which is really fun.

What other storylines and surprises are in store this season?

We're bringing back Mykelti Williamson (Ike). He was accused of killing his wife, and that storyline's going to resolve itself actually in Chicago, where Grover's (Chi McBride) going to go to get answers once and for all. Kono's relationship with Adam — they're not going to have a very good year [during] their first year of their marriage. Things are going to drastically change in their relationship. We always do a Halloween-themed episode — this yea, it's Dracula and Frankenstein as the two storylines in that episode. I want to get back to McGarrett's mom and that whole storyline also closer to the end of the season. 

How much longer would you like the show to go? 

I feel there's a lot of life left in the show. The original show lasted 12 seasons — I think as long as people find those characters interesting and want to tune in, we could go as long as the audience wants it to go. 

Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on CBS.