HBO Debuts Jon Snow Teaser Image for 'Game Of Thrones' Season Six

JS Tease - P 2015
Courtesy of HBO

Is Jon Snow dead? Is he alive?

It's the debate that's raged within the Game of Thrones fandom ever since Kit Harington's brooding hero was brutally betrayed and stabbed by members of the Night's Watch, bleeding out in the snow in the season five finale's closing moments.

The question about his precise fate remains, but there now appears to be a big answer regarding whether or not Jon Snow is still a part of the show. HBO has released official teaser art for season six of Thrones, featuring nothing more than Harington's face, shrouded in shadows and blood, the familiar fur of the north adorning his neck.

Whether or not Jon Snow lives or dies, then, it's clear that he remains a key part of the series moving forward.

The teaser also promises that Thrones will return for its sixth season in April. No specific date has been revealed yet.