HBO Premieres Lena Dunham's 'Girls' Trailer (Video)

There's sex, and it's set in the city, but HBO’s new comedy series follows a very different group of New York women.
Jojo Whilden/HBO

The first trailer for HBO’s Girls, a show about a group of twentysomething women who are dealing with the struggles of life in New York, has premiered.

The series, from Tiny Furniture writer-director Lena Dunham, premieres on April 15.

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When the series was first announced, the comparisons to HBO’s Sex and the City and The CW’s Gossip Girl quickly arose, but from the looks of the trailer, this show will be a lot less glamorous and fashionable, and a little more self-deprecating than it’s New York-set predecessors. 

Really, could you imagine stylish Carrie Bradshaw or Queen Blair Waldorf  saying any of the following lines, which are all from HBO’s trailer:

“I calculated, and I can last in New York for three and a half more days. Maybe seven if I don’t eat lunch.”

“I’ve been dating someone who treats my heart like it’s monkey meat.”

“My entire life has been one ridiculous mistake after another.”

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The story centers around Dunham's character, Hannah, whose parents cut her off and whose boyfriend is treating her heart like monkey meat. Her friends are supportive yet harshly truthful with her, as they all try their best to navigate the choppy waters of work, love and life in New York.

At a TCA panel in January, Dunham said that the series, executive produced by Bridesmaids' Judd Apatow, reflects a different part of society than Sex and the City and Gossip Girl.

"I knew that there was a connection because it's women in New York, but it really felt like it was tackling a different subject matter," Dunham says. "Gossip Girl was teens duking it out on the Upper East Side and Sex and the City was women who figured out work and friends and now want to nail family life. There was this whole in between space that hadn't really been addressed."

Watch the trailer below: