HBO Unveils Three New 'Game of Thrones' Teasers

The Lannisters, Starks and Targaryens are all under attack in the new promotional campaign.

Who are the heroes in Westeros? Who are the villains? The answer varies greatly from viewer to viewer, depending on their perspective of how the events of Game of Thrones unfold.

Take the Red Wedding, for instance. Conventional wisdom places fans on the side of House Stark, but there are those who understand Tywin Lannister's decision to barbarically execute his enemies in order to prevent future deaths on the battlefield.

(No, really. Lannister supporters actually exist. Monsters, right?)

In any event, the individual loyalties of Game of Thrones lovers can now be put to a social media test, thanks to HBO's official account for the show. Tweeting at the @GameOfThrones account with #HouseLannister, #HouseStark, or #HouseTargaryen results in a response featuring a different video for each of the three houses. The one thing the three videos have in common: A direct challenge to your banner of choice.

"Every one of us is poor and powerless," the High Sparrow whispers during the Lannister video, as the golden family of Westeros' banner of lions waves in the air, tattered nearly to the point of ruin, the sun setting against King's Landing in the background. "Together, we can overthrow an empire."

Things don't look much better for Stark supporters, as lightning cracks against the midnight snowfields of the North. "Winterfell is mine," Ramsay Bolton warns. "Come and see."

Even Daenerys can't catch a break, as an unknown Dothraki warrior barks taunting words in her direction: "You are nothing, the millionth of you name. Queen of nothing."

It's a sign that the three major powerhouse families on Thrones are all under fire in the upcoming season six — a notion that's fully supported by where we saw them last: House Stark ravaged by the Boltons, House Lannister falling under the weight of its own arrogant missteps, and House Targaryen's tenuous hold over Meereen slipping more and more.

The threats to these great houses will resolve or intensify, or perhaps both, when Thrones returns on April 24.