HBO's New 'Looking' Trailer: Jonathan Groff Searches for Love in S.F. (Video)

The second teaser touting the upcoming gay dramedy debuted Thursday evening.

HBO's new gay dramedy Looking gets a second trailer, following a short-but-sweet teaser that hit the web just a few days ago.

This time, there's actual footage and dialogue. The 30-second spot, which debuted Thursday evening, kicks off with Patrick (Jonathan Groff) questioning why it's so wrong for young people to have "a life outside of work." His answer brings up the long-running Northern California versus Southern California debate.

VIDEO: HBO Releases First Teaser for Gay-Themed Dramedy 'Looking'

"This is San Francisco; that's why I live here. If I didn't want to have a life, I'd move to L.A." Touche.

The spot sets up the premise, chronicling Patrick's search for a roommate -- on dating service OKCupid -- as he makes his mark in the City by the Bay. The new trailer also introduces other potential storylines and conflicts, including a man going through a mid-life crisis at 40, open relationships and searching for "someone who understands you."

As Patrick says at the end, "That's not easy to find."

Watch the new trailer below.

Looking premieres Jan. 19, 2014 at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.

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